#SFM2014 Ambassador


Yesterday, I opened my email inbox and found one from The San Francisco Marathon. In that email included some exciting news that I had been selected to be part of the #SFM2014 Ambassador Team! This will be my second consecutive year being part of the team and representing a race that I really enjoy.

I have been selected!

Last year I was fortunate enough to meet new people in the running community and build friendships with a number of them. I am looking forward to meeting some new people this year through the team and run with them in various races leading into the July 27, 2014 event.

Along with being part of the ambassador team, 2014 will also be my 5th SFM! The San Francisco Marathon is also where my current Personal Best in the marathon distance is. In 2013, I ran with a group of Ambassadors for most of the race where they finished at a time of under 3:05! I finished a few minutes behind them with an official time of 3:09:21.

Have you ever ran The San Francisco Marathon? I think it is worth the travel if you are looking for an awesome Racation :).

6 thoughts on “#SFM2014 Ambassador

  1. I'm so excited that we will both be ambassadors again!!


  2. Congrats! So excited for you guys – you'll have another awesome year!


  3. 🙂 Very excited again Meg. Congrats to you!


  4. Thanks! That means you are going to run it right? 🙂


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