Fit Friday: Running Cool

Just because most people enjoy the other side of the pillow (the cool side), doesn’t mean that everyone enjoys stepping out for their run in 20, 30, or 40 degree temperatures. Nonetheless, when cooler temperatures arrive to your city and it is during your marathon training time, the running still has to get done. For me I enjoy the cooler temperatures, I feel like I run better. Not to mention running when the sun comes out you don’t feel like you are going to melt away by the end of your long run on the weekends.

When the cooler temperatures come in for me the only thing that really changes is a couple of things. I throw on a pair of gloves, a beanie, and on easy run days a long sleeve top. For days where I run harder I typically stick to a short sleeve top. I know some people have an entirely different winter running wardrobe. For those in Sacramento luckily we don’t get snow so that isn’t an issue when it comes to winter weather.

Do you enjoy late fall / winter running weather? Do you completely change your running wardrobe when the temps start to drop or do you just add a couple of extra items?

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