Fit Friday: Run Easy defines easy as “not hard or difficult; requiring no great labor or effort”. When it comes to running everyone’s easy is different. Like most other things, it is relative to the runner. In fact when might be easy one day when it comes to effort might be a littler more difficult on another day.

When it comes to easy run days, I do not get overly technical, I typically don’t have a set plan except to make sure I get out and run. I keep my pace completely based on effort. Previously, I would say I had to run easy runs at a certain pace, such as a 8:00 or 8:20 pace. Over the last couple of months I have just gone out and ran. I keep my Garmin simple, by only keeping the distance view visible on the data screen. I haven’t gone as far as using a heart rate monitor because I feel like that is just like trying to keep a pace. Yes, it can prevent you from getting your heart rate up, but then I feel there is too much pressure of looking down at data to determine your effort on a run. 

Easy runs not only provide for days off of pushing the legs and making the lungs scream, but I feel that easy runs also provide for mental breaks of training. They allow me to just get out and run not having to hit splits, or not having to keep a certain tempo or even meet a certain distance. Sometimes my easy runs end up being somewhat fast, but for that day it is easy when it comes to effort and the distance just comes with it at times. 

How do you run your easy runs? Do you have set distances or paces to keep things easy or do you just get out and run? 

Happy Friday and RUN EASY! 

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