Breaking Down 26.2: Part 4

In last week’s Breaking Down 26.2 Part 3 I covered up to the 13.1-mile marker. In this week’s Part 4, I will get you through to mile 18.6. For those wondering why 18.6, this is also known as the 30k mark. Yes 30 kilometers in a 42 kilometer distance. Doesn’t 30k sound much more impressive and further than 18.6 miles? In a country where we love high scoring numbers, I don’t know why we don’t refer to the marathon as 42 kilometers. I mean let’s be honest even 5k sounds better than 3.1.

Mile 14
You have sorted yourself out getting through the half way point, at this moment in the race is where you want to start to dig deep, but not too deep inside. You want to leave stuff in the tank for the final part of the race. Make sure you continue to do your systems check at this point, figure out how your legs are, how your body is doing overall, do you need calories, have you been hydrating. It is important to keep in mind that you need calories to get you to the finish so, start looking for moments to get some extra energy to help your body finish this thing you started. 

Miles 15
Just when you finished going through your systems check you start to realize your phone is about to run out of battery and you need another selfie otherwise the marathon didn’t happen. If you opt to go with this method please DO NOT stop in the middle of a group to do so. This would be very dangerous for others due to you STOPPING! If you didn’t get a chance to get your selfie, do not worry you can purchase a crappy photo online after the race for only $70. Yup, what a deal right? If you don’t believe me, just wait.

Mile 16
Now you have had a chance to get your selfie start to approach another aid station and realize that you have 10 miles left in the marathon. No need to stock up just because you might need some. There will be plenty more aid stations to get water, gels and anything you might need to get your @$$ across the finish line.

Mile 17
Here you go, you begin to celebrate because you have just moved into single digits in miles remaining to the finish. Your celebration will last no more than a few seconds before you see other runners pulling off to the side to stretch out. Do not focus on these things around you, look for the positives. If you are running without headphones, which I recommend, use the music that is on the course to pull you in and out of segments during the run. Let the music pull you in while letting it fade away as you leave that area.

Mile 18.6
At this point in the race is where I like to calculate my current pace and start thinking finishing time. Like I mentioned previously, I like breaking the run into segments as not to get overloaded with data. This also allows me to enjoy the marathon. I mean let’s be honest you trained all this time and committed yourself to one event. If you worried about each and every mile when would you have time to enjoy the marathon?

Here you are, you are 30k into the marathon.

How many days until your marathon? How is training going?

8 Comments on “Breaking Down 26.2: Part 4

  1. 95 days until my 1st 26.2 – or 42K – or whatever you want to call it! I'm really enjoying this series; I didn't ahve much of a strategy for my 1st half marathon, got through it mostly by watching the ocean, and letting my body do the work I had trained it to do..this worked for 10 miles, and then kind of fell apart. I had to STOP, mentally re-group, and then gut out the last 5K – but I got my sub-2 hour!

    This is not meant to imply a similar plan for the full, doubtful it would work. I'm getting much better ideas from your articles 🙂


  2. thanks for this series chris! i've got less than three weeks until my third marathon this year – and the second one in eight weeks. i've not run more than two marathons in a year since i started running (back in 2009) but i'm feeling really good about this intra-marathon training period. i think that this could be my best race this year!


  3. Loving this, Chris. I'm coming up on my second full marathon in February (Surf CIty . . . completing the three-part Beach Cities Challenge). Just knocked out a 1:59:53 half marathon this past Sunday, and RnR Los Angeles is coming up in a week an a half. Busy season!

    If you haven't seen this, you might enjoy it…


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