Fit Friday: Hill It

Over the last month I have finally started to incorporate hill running more consistently in my weekly training. For now I have opted to use hill workouts as my supplemental training days and in fact used them when I am going easy effort on days in between my harder workouts. Keeping my hill workouts between 6 to 10 miles is what I have been doing. Eventually I would like to try to start throwing in some repeats and tempos on hills, but honestly that scares me :).

The other reason I have held off on incorporating hill running to my workouts is because for me to get to some decent hills I have to drive outside of Sacramento to get some real hills. It is much easier to lace up my shoes and pound the pavement by walking out of my door rather than jumping in my car driving for 30 minutes before running. However, this all changed when I committed myself to trying to become a stronger runner. I have already seen some growth in my running by adding some hill running in my routine.

Do you incorporate hill running into your routine? Are you fortunate enough have hills near you? When you see a hill do you think “Oh man!” or do you say “Hello hill, let’s go”?

2 thoughts on “Fit Friday: Hill It

  1. The hills in mid-Michigan are quite small. To prep for Boston I used to do tons of cemetary loops, the best hills in the area. I would have to drive at least an hour to find hills that mimic Boston.
    Maybe I should just put inserts in my running shoes, backwards, to simulate hill running. Kinda like raising the incline on a dreadmill to simulate running outside.


  2. Geoff that sounds like a great idea. I guess the next thing to figure out would be which side of the road do you run on? if you are running backwards which way is facing traffic?


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