Breaking Down 26.2: Part 3

Last week I broke down miles 5, 6, 7 and 8 in Part 2 of the Breaking Down 26.2 Series. In today’s Breaking Down 26.2: Part 3 I will get you through to the 13.1 mark, the half way point where the party really starts!

Mile 9
This is where you are starting to get excited that once you get through this mile you will be hitting the double digits in miles completed in the marathon. This excitement only last for a few seconds when you realize, hitting double digits still means you have 16.2 miles left in the run.

Mile 10
Here you are 10 miles into the marathon, your mind starts to wonder a bit. You begin to do a systems check, legs feeling good, breathing is doing fine, tummy is good to go, but then your mind is where you have to focus on the most and real it back in and stay focused. Take a few deep breathes and remind yourself why you are doing this. You can start to really take advantage of the mileage markers at this point and start looking at them in four parts, each four miles is one part, which is good enough to get you to 26. The final point two is a special portion of the race.

Mile 11
Don’t forget to take in fluids and even some calories around this point, depending on what your nutrition plan is. My suggestion is that you try to time consuming your calories right before a water station so you can wash it down without taking too much time to eat and drink at the water station.

Mile 12
This one tends to go by pretty quickly because you are getting close to where I think the party really starts. The half marathon point. That big ass sign that reads 13.1. You check in with your system again make sure everything is going well. You will begin to consider what your half marathon split is going to be and start calculating what you need for the second half to meet your goal.

Mile 13.1
Here you are you finally get to the half way point and look down you, start to think pace, splits, and everything else. While you are doing this don’t forget how far you have already come to get to this point. Keep in mind breaking it up into pieces or parts rather than thinking 13.1 miles left in the race.

Now you are half way through your marathon this is where things start to change and become interesting. You are 13.1 miles away from being a marathoner!

How is training going for you up to this point? How many weeks have you been training?

4 Comments on “Breaking Down 26.2: Part 3

  1. Been training for a couple months, with the ultimate event being the Surf City Marathon in February. Between now and then, though, I have five half marathons and two 5K's. Gonna be a busy fall.


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