Fit Friday: Race Registration

I think I might have found something more time consuming and pressuring than running itself.  If you are like me you might spend more time looking at race websites than actually training for them. Sometimes I think, “Quickly, someone take my credit card away before I register for a race every weekend of the year”.

Currently, I am looking for some 2014 marathons and half marathons to register for. I start off by creating a list of races I know I am going to do in 2014 such as the Wipro San Francisco Marathon and the California International Marathon. I don’t even bother thinking if I am going to register for these since I have done each one more than 4 times each. Now the rest of the year is where I have trouble trying to sort it all out. I know there are some that I really want to try, but try to make sure that I don’t have anything already planned those weekends such as birthdays, anniversary, or anything else like that.

I also like to make sure that I have enough time to train for the events I sign up for, granted I don’t treat each race as a target race, I want to make sure I still have the legs in me to finish at a decent time. 

How do you deal with finding races that are 5 months away? Which ones do you register for right away? What is your tie-breaker when you have 2 awesome races on the same day?

2 thoughts on “Fit Friday: Race Registration

  1. A high-priced race will lose to a comparable lower-cost race, all other things being equal; travel expenses/time off from work required is also a BIG qualifier. I also tend to enjoy a smaller field, when this is practical – the big races have thousands, sometimes tens of thousands, simply BECAUSE they are the big races 🙂


  2. Oh gosh…tie breakers for 2 awesome races on the same day….I had that dilemma with the Princess Half and Rock N Roll NOLA last year. I chose NOLA because I wanted to run the Full and I had run all RnR Nola's up until that point. It was a hard decision, though!


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