Fit Friday: Running Bucket List

I remember my first marathon. It was AWFUL! I HATED IT! I felt like I was hit by a truck, the morning after. 15 marathons later I love running marathons, I love the training, I love the people I have met through this amazing event, it has changed my life. In fact, it has taken me from someone who was overweight FAT, to someone that cares about fitness and living a healthy lifestyle.

my first marathon in 2004

My first 26.2 was supposed to be something I could say I did it, let’s go check it off the bucket list. Now marathon running has a bucket list of it’s own. A running bucket list, who would have thought … So with that being said I have come up with a number of events that I want to run at some point in my lifetime. These are not in any specific order except for the event listed at #1.

1. Boston Marathon (qualify with a sub 3:05)
2. ING New York City Marathon
3. Chicago Marathon
4. Big Sur ✓ (2013)
5. Athens Marathon
6. Great Wall of China Marathon
7. London Marathon
8. Walt Disney World Marathon (as part of the Dopey Challenge)
9. The San Francisco Marathon ✓ (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013)
10. LA Marathon ✓ (2013)

There are so many more that I will probably want to run as I come across them, but these are ones that I feel I must do. 3 of them off the list. Some of them will take a little more planning than others, others will take some qualifying and getting into others will take a little luck. Nonetheless, I plan on running for a long time so getting to these events will be part of the challenge of running.

Do you have a running bucket list? What is on your list? What are some marathons that I should also consider that I left off?

8 thoughts on “Fit Friday: Running Bucket List

  1. Fun list! A lot of big name races on there! I have a bucket list that always seems to be growing. I've got some of the same as you (Big Sur, Boston), but then some smaller races as well (MDI Marathon, Kauai Marathon). It's always fun to look at the options!


  2. My list is Boston, Chicago, NY, Walt Disney, Paris, Berlin, London. I also plan to run for a long…. long time! Good luck!


  3. Great list! I've done Chicago, New York, and Boston, but I'd love to do the other majors some day (London, Berlin, and maybe Tokyo).


  4. Kauai is one that I want to look into as well.


  5. I have friends that ran Paris, they love it! I might have to add that one too.


  6. Berlin looks like a fun one, so does Tokyo.


  7. Love the list! I'm entered into London next year (thanks to GFA) and qualified for Boston … but just couldn't afford the entry / flight / accommodation costs this year. Disappointning, but there will be other years. I'd love to do the Great Wall Marathon and Marathon du Medoc and New York are also on the list!


  8. nicely done qualifying for Boston. The Marathon du Medoc looks like it would be a good one too!


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