SAVE your knees, STOP running

If you are like me, I am sure you have heard some people say “I don’t run because it is bad for your knees.” As a runner I am really starting to think that this whole running thing is really bad for your knees. In fact I think I am considering saving my knees and am going to stop running! I mean sitting around is clearly healthier for your knees. I know some of you might be thinking “WTF are you talking about?!?!” or “OMG, is he really going to stop running?” … Well, here are a few examples of where running has ruined my knees …

the track workout could have been worse

The first time I ruined my knees was on the track. For many of you who have followed my workouts might have noticed that I prefer to take my “track” workouts to the river and run my intervals away from the track. While one of my morning track sessions about 8 months ago, I went down to tie my shoe in between intervals because it had somehow become untied. After getting up off the ground and tying my shoe while on one knee I got up and looked down and notice my knee had a reddish tint to them. Yes my knee had become discolored due to the track! While completing the remainder of my workout, I was thinking, if I weren’t running today this wouldn’t be an issue. Luckily with the invention of soap and the creation of water, I was able to salvage the carnage that had been done on my knee. I consider myself pretty lucky after this workout, but I can see where this could have gone really bad and ruined my knee forever!

Then there were those two times I paced a couple of friends at the American River 50-mile Run and the Western States 100-mile run. Don’t mind the awesome times we had running or the routes that I normally wouldn’t have ventured. Anyways these 2 runs specifically damaged my knees! I was running and tripped over at tree root at AR50 and at States I tripped over a rock. Both of these trips drew blood. I mean the agony of blood dripping down my leg so much that I didn’t even notice it until the runs were both over. For my safety and the safety of others I was able to apply a bandage at the end of each run to prevent the gruesome flow of blood, like that in a cheaply made horror flick.  Not only did each of these trail runs cause damage to my knees, but it caused me embarrassment having band-aides on my knees.

Perhaps the worse thing that happened to my knees occurred even before the race started! No one could even have planned this one. I was preparing for one of my marathons this past summer and part of the preparation is putting the “D-Tag” on my shoe. Well this is where the unthinkable happened, I was down on one knee adjusting my “D-Tag” when I knelt down on damp cement, that I didn’t see. I was lucky that the wet cement was due to water. What if that wet cement was some sort of toxic or acidic substance that could have been really bad! Again I was lucky with this one as either one of those could have really done some bad things to my knees.

I guess I have been really lucky with not hurting my knees too bad. I mean the risk that is taken each and every time I go running increases the possible damage on my knees. I totally see where people are coming from when they say “running is bad for your knees”, this is something to consider if you are starting running. Don’t mind the awesome times you will have running, the great people you will meet, and the healthier lifestyle you will live. It is all about the safety of your knees people! Save your knees and stop running.

Do you have any suggestions for me to prevent these types of scares from occurring again?

8 thoughts on “SAVE your knees, STOP running

  1. Hilarious. I'm a big fan of sarcasm.
    You sure are lucky. It was a close call with the red track. 😉

    I was a competitive gymnast for years. I have arthritis in my knees because of it. Since I started running 3+ years ago, I haven't had any trouble with the arthritis. My knees have stopped clicking and they've stopped aching with the weather change. Sitting on my ass really was hurting my knees. Take THAT, haters! 😉


  2. At 1st I was like, WHAT!? Love this post!


  3. I am so tired of hearing how bad running is for me! My response is usually “it's better than sitting on the couch doing nothing”. Great post!


  4. Running has done more than metamorphosing my body. It has given me peace, serenity, confidence, self assurance, and “la joie de vivre”, very definitely worth whatever damages I am supposedly doing to my body. Not ready to cease and desist anytime soon. I am just gonna keep on keeping on!


  5. it is good to see you are fluent in sarcasm 🙂 if you like this post hopefully you read last weeks about making sure a course isn't too long 🙂


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