Mileage Monday: The Dreaded Taper Week

Last week was the dreaded taper week, where nothing really that exciting is built into the weekly workouts. Everything is slower and easier. However, like everything else each of these days of taper and easy running serves a purpose. Each day allowed for full recovery with still getting the legs moving around to keep them anxious for the upcoming 26.2-mile race. Prior to toeing the line I accumulated 30.06 miles. The 6 days prior to the Ventura Marathon (race report coming soon) looked like the following:

Monday – 6.01 easy
Tuesday – 5.01 easy
Wednesday – 4.01 easy with strides
Thursday – 6.01 easy with strides
Friday – 6.01 easy with strides
Saturday – 3.01 shake out
Sunday – Ventura Marathon

The taper and race brought me to a total of 56.29 miles. Though I didn’t get the time I was hoping for in the Ventura Marathon, I guess I can chalk up last week as a week of training for the next one.

What did your week look like last week? Are you preparing for an upcoming race?

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