Fit Friday: Running then Reading

Like many of you running itself just isn’t enough, so that is part of the reason I blog about it. Blogging also helps me connect with others runners in the running community outside of the one I run with, I have developed an entire group of social media followers and support through the process and development of Marathon Living. The more I post the more I realized it also helped me stay accountable and keep working for my goals, the amazing people we meet through social media and blogging has helped me to become a better runner.

Outside of my own blog, I also spend sometime going to a few blogs or checking for blog updates. Here are a few on my list. Check them out … is a combination of hilarious, motivational, and awesomeness. The blog is well put together and provides a ton of content from race recaps, general running info, monthly challenges, giveaways and various race discount codes. post some awesome content regarding her chase for a Boston Qualifier, as well as excellent race reports. This is a running blog that I can really relate to as we both have very similar goals when it comes to achieving a BQ. is a Seattle based runner who post consist of bucket list races, giveaways and well structured race reports. RunWithWes has also discussed his journey back to running after suffering an injury in the spring time while running a marathon., talk about ALL THINGS DISNEY! If you are a fan of running and Disney this is the perfect blog for you. She has some insightful post regarding her journey in running that will keep you moving.
Do you have some regular blogs you check out? Share them below in the comments sections. If you are a blogger feel free to share your link as well or if you have a specific post you want to share put it up on the Race Report Link-Up.

6 thoughts on “Fit Friday: Running then Reading

  1. Great post! Thanks for introducing me to some new blogs to read.


  2. Glad you enjoyed being introduced to a couple new blogs. Hope you enjoy them like I do.


  3. Nice one! Always on the lookout for some new blogs to read! Thanks 🙂


  4. hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


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