Mileage Monday: 20 Days Away …

Another week of training just brings me closer to toeing another marathon start line. With 20 days away from the Ventura Marathon, last week was a pretty hard week in regards to total mileage and workouts. This was the first week of training where I broke the 80 mile mark in a week during preparing for my 15th marathon. Last weeks training also brought me to a total mileage count of 353.48 miles in the last 5 weeks that have been dedicated to training for the September 8th marathon.

Along with hitting the 80 mile mark and getting one week closer to the start line, I also hit my 250th consecutive days of running with a minimum of 2 miles each day. My current running streak started back on December 10, 2012. During this streak I have already ran 3 marathons and 1 ultra, honestly I didn’t think I would last this long. In those 3 marathons, I have ran my best 2 times during this streak with times of 3:09:21 at the Wipor San Francisco Marathon and a 3:11:54 at the Asics LA Marathon.

250 days of running 🙂

Last week I total 8 workouts for a total of 81.90 miles with the following workouts:
Monday – 10.01 miles at easy pace
Tuesday AM – 13.02 miles total: warm-up / cool down + 3 x 2 miles with 800m recovery
Tuesday PM – 2.54 miles at easy pace testing out my new headlamp
Wednesday – 7.76 miles at recovery pace
Thursday – 13.01 miles total: warm-up / cool down +10 miles at marathon pace
Friday – 10.01 miles at easy pace
Saturday – 16.01 miles at long run pace
Sunday – 9.54 miles easy effort with hills

my new headlamp for Hood To Coast

This coming week is going to be a pretty fun week in training as part of my training will include running in Oregon, while participating in the Hood To Coast Relay with “Team Michigan”.

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