Fit Friday: Upload Overload

Happy Fit Friday! I can’t believe another week is in the books and we are preparing for another long run or two this weekend. With that being said, if you are like me, I can’t wait to finish up a run so I can plug my Garmin in so I can start uploading my workout to check out my splits and other info from my run. Then I realize managing my running data is more work than the run itself.

Just the other day I realized I was uploading my runs onto 3 different apps / networks. First, I log onto my Garmin Connect account and upload my run. Then I jump onto my Strava account and do the same. Lastly, I get onto Daily Mile and upload the same data on a different platform. Then I realize, oh man that’s a lot of uploading and syncing.

I started thinking … which one do I really need? Well the truth of the matter is I don’t really need any of them. However, each one does serve a purpose for me when it comes to data. Garmin Connect is my “back up” to my Garmin, it is a site I use just to log my workouts and see what I have done, other than that I really don’t interact or look at other people’s workouts etc. Strava is my real life running network, these are people who I interact with regularly, the dashboard is well set up with all the important stuff that I need when looking at a run, it is also very easy to use. Then my Daily Mile is something that is just there, so I continue to use it.

There are so many other networks out there when it comes to running and fitness, I know a lot of my friends use Nike+, MapMyRun, and other various sites, I couldn’t imagine adding another one for uploading my data.

Where do you upload your running data? Do you upload your data to multiple sites like me? Why do you prefer one app over another?

2 thoughts on “Fit Friday: Upload Overload

  1. I feel your pain…

    My data collection habit is currently filled by Garmin Connect, Strava & RunningAHEAD.

    Garmin – old habit; been using it since my first Forerunner 305 in 2007
    Strava – it's just fun
    RunningAHEAD – great log that is exactly like the old Runner's World log. I prefer this to store historical data and keep tabs on the miles my shoes rack up.


  2. It does become painful trying to remember did I already log it haha. My main one is Strava … for now 🙂


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