Mileage Monday: Week 3 in the books

Well there went another week of training. Week number 3 dedicated to the Ventura Marathon is in the books, with 27 days away from toeing another marathon line for me. For the second straight week of training I posted 70 miles in the week, this past week it was barely. I squeaked in a 70.06 mile week, but nonetheless I still cracked the 70 mile week.
Last weeks training brought me some highlight workouts including some hill work and running trails. Another highlight of last week’s training was starting to break in my race day shoes. I like to make sure I get anywhere from 70-80 miles into a shoe before relying on them for a big race. Once I feel comfortable with them I will start to use them in my marathon pace training runs and interval runs.
putting my race day shoes to work
During the week, I posted 10 different runs over the 7 days. Last week’s workouts looked like this:
Monday – 10.01 miles easy pace
Tuesday AM  – 9.17 miles total: 2 x 3 miles at sub marathon pace w/ 1 mile recovery + wu / cd
Tuesday NOON – 2.83 miles easy
Wednesday – 4.22 miles easy pace with race day shoes
Thursday – 11.03 miles total: 9 miles @ marathon pace + wu / cd
Friday – 5.11 miles easy pace with race day shoes
Saturday AM – 7.01 miles total: hill repeats + wu / cd
Saturday PM – 4.33 miles easy
Sunday AM – 13.32 miles on trail
Sunday PM – 3.03 miles easy
How is your training coming along? What did your week look like last week? If you have a weekly training post feel free to share it on my Mileage Monday Link Up.

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