Fit Friday: Shoes, Shoes and Shoes

So over the last couple of days on my Daily Mile page the topic of rotating shoes came up. This became discussion after I posted one of runs about breaking in a new pair of shoes. A local Sacramento runner asked a couple of questions about rotating shoes and some of my fellow Daily Milers contributed to the discussion. With that being said I thought I would continue the conversation on today’s Fit Friday post.

The conversation on dailymile

Since March, I have been fortunate enough to do some shoe testing and trying for Skechers. This program has allowed me to have more pairs than I normally would have and also forced me to rotate my shoes, I wasn’t sure how this would help me at first but come to find out, this is something I should have been doing long before I was introduced to shoe testing. While finding out which shoe suited me best, I ended up having a “race shoe”, long easy shoe, and recovery shoe. My race shoe is what I used on race day, were used for my interval workouts, tempo runs and marathon pace runs. While I had 2 other pairs saved for recovery and easy runs. On occasion I would mix in a 4th pair of shoes that was for trail running only.

shoes, shoes and shoes

During this time some of the benefits of rotating shoes I have come across are:

  • longer lasting shoes (more miles)
  • less smell on the shoes
  • greater comfort in the shoe with each run
  • mentally prepares me for that days workout / run (each shoe had a specific purpose)

Perhaps the biggest thing I found during my rotation of shoes was the increased longevity of the shoe was due to the recovery time each shoe got by having a “day off”. Essentially the sole of a shoe is a cushion which is pressed down with each step, the longer the run the more impact the cushion is having to deal with. Just like our legs the more stress you put on them, the less efficient they become. So by giving a shoe as rest day, the cushion gets to recover and build back up preparing for it’s next run.

Obviously my experiences are not scientifically proven but these are simple things I have found that worked for me in regards to shoe rotation. I think you can find an increased life and performance from your shoes if you even just rotate between 2 of them.

Do you rotate shoes? If you do how many are in your rotation? Do you have a specific shoe for your various runs?

8 thoughts on “Fit Friday: Shoes, Shoes and Shoes

  1. Very interesting concept! I've never rotated shoes, but might start doing so now! Great post!


  2. for me it worked and helped me notice the difference in my running. others may disagree.


  3. I rotate shoes like a crazy person… I really do think it lengthens the life of my shoes & it also justifies why I'm have a huge pile of running shoes (“but I still wear them all!”)


  4. yes rotation of shoes is a great reason to justify I need another pair 🙂


  5. Rotating shoes is one of the secrets I share with people when they ask for advice. I tend to think of shoes as a runner's equipment, much like a camera is to a photographer. Different equipment for different situations and you develop confidence in your equipment. When it's time to race, you reach for the shoe that's going to get the job done.


  6. rotating shoes is such a critical thing when it comes to running well, i think at least.


  7. I need to start rotating shoes as well. Looking at your daily mile conversation, I can attest to the Saucony Guide series having a short life anyways. They are the perfect fit for me but they lose rubber extremely fast.


  8. rotation of shoes can and will give you more out of your shoes. I didn't think it was really anything to think about but it does make a difference.


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