Workout Wednesday: Men’s Health Urbanathlon

Happy (Workout) Wednesday! Today’s workout is brought to you by Men’s Health Urbanathlon. What is the Urbanathlon you might ask? The Men’s Health URBANATHLON is a three-city (Chicago, New York, San Francisco) event series comprised of 9.5- to-11 mile endurance races that incorporate city landmarks and urban obstacle courses.

Check out a quick video to see what the San Francisco Urbanathlon entails.

I will be providing information and recommended workouts for the Men’s Health Urbanathlon San Francisco scheduled for November 24, 2013. Most people who are preparing for the Men’s Health Urbanathlon will be logging anywhere from 10 – 25 miles during the week for training along with the proper strength workouts. In fact Men’s Health has made it very easy to find a running workout to get you ready for the Chicago, New York or San Francisco events. Check out their 12-week running program.

Along with logging in various types of running from easy paced runs to hard interval running, it is important to work in strength building workouts. If you are unsure where to start, I suggested workouts from from the Urbanathlon Workout Plan. While using their basic workout plan, you will want to make sure you also mix in any other exercises and workouts that you are familiar with or have found successful in your own personal training routine.

Are you interested in taking on the Men’s Health Urbanathlon? Register today. Use discount code ‘MarathonLiving13’ to save 10% off registration fees.

Have you ever taken on the Men’s Health Urbanathlon or any other type of obstacle event? What did you do to best prepare yourself to get through the event?

*disclaimer* Men’s Health Urbanathlon is providing me with a free race entry and additional tangible goods for featuring their event on, and

3 thoughts on “Workout Wednesday: Men’s Health Urbanathlon

  1. This is a really great thing to do because this is good for the health of men. The best thing here is you compete at the same time you work out to build your strenght. Hopefully I can join next year.


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