Mileage Monday: Back in the 70s

Last week was an interesting week in regards to training and still trying to get all of my miles in. My goal was 70 miles for last week, but I knew it was going to be a tough challenge not because of the total miles but because of the busy work week. I had to break my workouts up running a total of 12 different runs over the 7 day span to total 71.36 miles. With 34 days until the Ventura Marathon, I have to start cranking up the mileage over the next few weeks to prepare myself for my goal marathon time of a sub 3:05:00.

My workouts last week included an interval day on Tuesday, a marathon pace run on Friday, a long run on Sunday and easy runs sprinkled in between those days. Some days I had to run triples, mix in a few doubles and a couple days with only one run. With the busy schedule of work, I actually had to break up my Tuesday interval workout into two parts which was not ideal but I figure getting the miles in is better than not giving it a go.

Last week my training days looked like this:

Monday Morning –  3.10 miles at easy pace
Monday Afternoon – 3.04 miles at easy pace
Monday Evening – 4.01 miles at easy pace
Tuesday Afternoon – 5.43 miles total with warm-up, 2 x 2 miles with 800m recovery, and cool down
Tuesday Evening – 3.51 miles total with warm-up, 1 x 2 miles, cool down
Wednesday Afternoon – 3.51 miles at easy pace
Wednesday Evening – 3.01 miles at easy pace
Thursday Morning – 5.22 miles at easy pace
Thursday Afternoon – 4.02 miles at easy pace
Friday – 11.01 miles total with 9 miles at goal marathon pace plus warm-up and cool down
Saturday – 9.50 miles at easy pace on the Willow Hills Cross Country course
Sunday – 16.01 miles at long run pace

Last week might have been the craziest training week I have had since I started my running streak 238 days ago. How do you deal with busy work weeks? Do you ever break up your workouts to still get your total mileage during the week? 

If you have a training update or race report to share please feel free to link on the Mileage Monday Link-Up. 

4 thoughts on “Mileage Monday: Back in the 70s

  1. Found your blog via #Runchat. I was featured on day 5. Nice to see other guys out there that blog. Good luck with your attempt to BQ.


  2. Great job finding a way to get in the miles Christopher!!


  3. Thank you. I am going to check your blog out too.


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