54 Days Until I Hammer

For the next 54 days, each workout will have a purpose, a designated pace, distance and designed workout. In 54 days, I will tackle another 26.2 miles in my last attempt to qualify for the 2014 Boston Marathon. On Sunday, September 8, I will be taking on the inaugural Ventura Marathon with the hopes running a sub 3 hour 5 minute time.

Over the next 54 days, I will be trying to get back to where running an easy 10 is the norm nearly every other day, Tuesdays will be saved for long intervals, Thursdays for marathon pace runs, and various long runs on Saturdays. There will be a lot of talk of “Hammers”. 

Since the first marathon of 2013 I have been so confident in my running with my new training approach. I have been so close to running Boston Qualifying times, running my 2 fastest marathon times ever with a 3:11:54 at the Asics LA Marathon in March and a 3:09:21 at the Wipro San Francisco Marathon in June. Ventura will also be my 4th marathon in 2013, the most I have ran in one calendar year and one more closer to my goal of running 5 in 2013.

With the continued support of my wife and son, my running partners and friends through social media, breaking the 3:05 mark is more than just running a BQ time for myself it is journey that has formed great friendships and allowed me to find who I am each and everyday.

Follow me for the next 54 days as I give qualifying for the 2014 Boston Marathon one last go as registration for the event opens the day after the Ventura Marathon.

Are you working for a 2014 Boston Marathon qualifying time?

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