Fitday: running & traveling

I am traveling away in Mexico for the next few days for a wedding. While away I still like to get my running in. Perhaps not as long or keying in on designed workouts, but getting out and running away from home while on vacation is still important to me. I know there are many people that have posted list of things to consider while running on vacation, for example my friend Meg posted hers last week on her blog 

A couple of key things I like to remind myself while planning my running while on vacations are:

1. Bring a water (reusable) bottle – I am not sure what water routes are there or are safe to drink out of, so bringing a handheld water bottle that I can refill with bottled water is key. You don’t want to risk running without access to water.

2. Be flexible – While on vacation I might have to use a treadmill due to climate changes, safety, or whatever else. Also being flexible might involve shortening runs or limiting them to timed runs rather than distance. For me while traveling I find it easier to break up my runs, say I have to get 7 miles in rather than going out for an hour, maybe I have to break it up into 2 thirty minute runs sometime during the day.

3. Be Adventurous but STAY SAFE! – Running can be a great way to explore your new environment only if it is safe to do so. Maybe you come across a hill, a dirt path or a hidden beach 🙂

4 – Bring what you need – At home I try to rotate my shoes each day rather than pounding on the same pair on consecutive days, while traveling I like to limit myself to one pair that I could take on various terrains. I also count how many days of running I expect to get in and add one, just in case a double might be part of the running plan.

This is my short list of running while away. What things do you find helpful while you are on vacation and want to include running while away?

2 thoughts on “Fitday: running & traveling

  1. All great tips and ideas for running while away or on vacation! I especially like the idea of bringing an extra water bottle!


  2. When I was in Mexico, the handheld bottle came in handy 🙂


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