Skechers Shoe Review: Cranking Out More Miles

As I continue to test and push out more miles on the four shoes from the Skechers Performance Line (GObionic Ride, GOrun 2, GOrun Meb speed, and GObionic Trail), I continue to be more and more amazed at the lifespan of each shoe as well as how well they perform for various runs and events. With each passing week more miles get added to each shoe that the friendly folks at Skechers have provided me with.  Currently each shoe as accumulated the following miles:

  • GOrun 2 – 400.4 miles
  • GObionic Ride – 221.9 miles
  • GOrun Meb speed – 267.4 miles
  • GObionic Trail – 81.1 miles

GOrun 2

With over 400 miles on the shoe, the sole is beginning to share 400 miles worth of pavement, dirt, trail, track, gravel, and various other terrains. However, coming from a minimalist shoe prior to wear Skechers, I am still comfortable with where the shoe is at this point. Granted the sole has some flattened areas and the shoe looks pretty beat up, I have not felt and difference in the performance of the shoe. My feet continue to feel well supported and still have the cushioned feeling during my runs even during longer runs.

GObionic Ride

The GObionic Ride continues to serve as my shorter easy run shoe. With 221 miles on the shoe, it has shown very little flattening of the sole. This is a well built harder sole which will probably last me a long time before I get to see any real physical wear on them. As mentioned previously the shoe continues to stay true to fit and performance as it did out of the box when I started using them back in mid March.

GOrun Meb speed

As a race shoe the GOrun Meb Speed will before like and better than some of the more popular shoes. This particular shoe was given me great training runs and race day times. With over 250 miles on the shoe, it still hold strong with a solid but lightweight sole. The shoe has only had a couple of snags towards the front of the shoe. Even with my wider foot this shoe accommodates to it very nicely. I am going to mix this shoe into more training runs to see how many miles I can get out of the shoe before it quits on me. I do have a couple of back up pairs for race day of the same shoe, just in different colors.

GObionic Trail

A couple of weeks ago, I took a chance with this shoe by pacing a friend at Western States. This last weekend I took the shoe out on my very first endurance run. These shoes are some of the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn on trails. They have a feel of a road shoe but the support and build of a trail shoe. The wide toe box and comfortable sole provided me everything I needed in my 39.75 miles covered in the 6 hour allotted endurance race in Pinole, CA at The Dirty Half Dozen 6 Hour Endurance Run. The comfort and stability of the shoe on the trail loop course helped me finish 5th over all and 4th male in the group. While running through some dry brush the shoe didn’t get phased with any possible items that could cause tearing, as well as allowing anything to poke into the shoe like all the other quality trails shoes on the market. Expect this shoe to last around for a while and accumulate more and more mileage as I start to hit more trails through the remainder of the summer months.

taking the GObionic Trail to the trail

The four pairs of Skechers shoes from the Skechers Performance Series were provided to me in exchange of product testing and rating. All opinions and reviews of each shoe are my own and not influenced by the Skechers company and their employees.

How many pairs are in your shoe rotation? Do you use various shoes depending on the type of workout or terrain?

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