Fit Day: Are you a runner?

Often times I hear people say, “I am not a runner, but I run a couple miles a week”. Sorry to disappoint you, but you are a runner. No matter how fast or how slow you go, or how far or total mileage you run in a week, month or year, if you run you are a runner. I am not sure why people discredit themselves and their accomplishments by saying they are not a runner, when in fact they run as part of their exercise and healthy living routine.

Okay even I had that brief identity crisis where I said I am not a runner, but had already ran a marathon. Then I realized speed and ability to win races don’t make you a runner. I came to the conclusion that the moment, I had a pair of shoes that I called my running shoes, I was a runner. Everything else was irrelevant to me being a runner. The Garmin, the compression socks, the singlet, running club, races, personal records, social media running sites, the s

hort shorts :), and training plan didn’t make me the runner I am today. It was the moment I decided to do an activity called running that made me a runner. When I would lace up my shoes and head out the door putting one foot in front of the other and during that stride have both feet off the ground at the same time, that is when I became a runner.

when I lace my shoes up and head out the door I am a runner

The amount of marathons I have completed, the speed I run, the miles I train, the bling hanging in my garage and number of shoes I have ran in don’t define me as a runner. It is the act of getting off my ass, lacing up my “running shoes”, taking a step outside and moving my feet is what makes me a runner.

So I ask you what makes you a runner or made you a runner? When was that moment when you said “I AM A RUNNER”.

5 thoughts on “Fit Day: Are you a runner?

  1. I considered myself a runner when I picked up running again after high school. Training for a half was my goal, therefore, I was a runner! :0) If you run or jog (even with walk breaks) to me you are a runner.


  2. I really struggle with this! Even after finishing my Second Marathon and training on average between 30-40 MPW (plus cycling and swimming) I still feel like somehow I'm not there!Maybe when my times drop some after this summer of heat. It's about stupid, but for some reason this is where I am… I'm a woman who runs, but not really a runner….


  3. being a runner is easy too many people complicate it 🙂


  4. My defining moment was when I could head out the door for 5 miles without worrying if I would make it, that's when I started calling myself a runner.


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