Fitday: Pacing

So this weekend is the Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run. Originally I had intentions of heading out and cheering on runners at the finish located at Auburn High School. This was until yesterday when I got an email from my friend John that told me he sprained his ankle during a workout in the mountains where he had to run away from a gang of bears chasing him down a hill, he got away but only after stumbling over a cobra that was at the base of the hill. Okay, maybe some of that story was made up, but my friend John was scheduled to pace our other friend Galen (recent winner of the Gold Rush 100k), until he hurt his ankle. So in short, the email asked if I was willing to pace Galen the final 20ish miles of Western States. After checking my schedule for Saturday I said yes and was in to help Galen get to the finish.

 This will be my second pacing roll of the year after helping my friend Jamey run the final 24 miles of the American River 50-Mile Endurance Run (AR50) earlier in the year. I really enjoy being part of the process and helping my friends and runners get through stretches of races especially in endurance races.

Have you ever paced or been part of a crew during an endurance event? 

2 thoughts on “Fitday: Pacing

  1. Best of luck to you!! Exciting!


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