Wacky Weather Week

So on Monday and Tuesday here in Sacramento we had some rain and temperatures in the 60’s. How else do I enjoy the rainy couple of days in June well, of course I went out and did some puddle jumping. Tuesday morning was awesome as the dirt areas on my route were full of mud so it was a good way to get out and break in my new trail shoes. Of course the other bonus is coming across some puddles to do some splashing and puddle jumping. However, by Tuesday evening it started working it’s way up to the 80s.

Today we pushed in the mid 90’s in and by this weekend it looks like we will be breaking the 100 degree mark. I feel sorry for those Western States 100 Mile runners who will be running in those temperatures this weekend.

My question for you is how do you deal with crazy weather? Do you enjoy running in the heat? Or does that mean it forces you to get up earlier in the day to get your run over with before it gets toasty outside?

One thought on “Wacky Weather Week

  1. I don't like running in the heat but here, I have no choice. I run on the TM occasionally but that gets boring, so my runs usually happen either early in the am or late at night during the summer. Good luck and stay cool!


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