Fitness Friday: Post Workout Fuel

After coming off a hard race this last weekend at the 2013 Wipro San Francisco Marathon, I have been in recovery mode with shorter runs and looking for food and lots of it 🙂 … at this point I am not sure if I eat to run or run to eat. I think at this point I run to eat. A couple of days ago I was introduced to Chobani, a Greek yogurt that contains only natural ingredients. Okay, so my first question when looking into it, why yogurt? What are the benefits? How could this really help me after a hard workout or any workout for that matter. Well the first thing that caught my eye was the fact that in a 6 oz cup, there are 13-18 grams of protein. As many of you know the ability to get protein back into the body after a hard run or other workout helps with the recovery process. Post workout fuel for me is just as or probably more important than pre-workout fueling. 

Along with the protein, their products are certified gluten free and most importantly delicious! Granted I have only tried 2 (mango & peach) of the 13 flavors that the friendly folks at Chobani have kindly provided me with, I think each one will be as delightful as the previous. Another thing I found out in just the last 2 days is that my one year old son loves this stuff! Since it is made with all natural products I am comfortable with him having a few bites of it.

What is your post workout food? Have you ever tried Greek yogurt?

I hope everyone has a good weekend.

14 Comments on “Fitness Friday: Post Workout Fuel

  1. I love Greek yogurt. When I first started running last year, I was putting a dollop of the stuff in my pre-run oatmeal for added protein. That was when I was boiling it with water. Now that I'm using milk. I've actually swapped organic skim milk in for the yogurt.

    I might have to try both at some point. That'd be a fun texture! 😉


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