Skechers Shoe Review: It’s Speed’s Turn

First it was the GObionic Ride that cranked out a PR in the 10 mile distance back in April. However, that PR was short lived after the GOrun 2, decided to help me better that PR in the 10 mile distance only 2 weeks later at another race in Sacramento. Now it would be turn for the GOrun Meb speed to throw in a PR of it’s own. Thanks to the friendly folks at Skechers, I have been fortunate enough to really see the benefits of their Performance Division product line. With last week being a taper week and this week being a post marathon recovery week, there was little jump in mileage. However the current mileage for each shoe is as follows:

  • GOrun 2 – 352.4 miles
  • GObionic Ride – 201.3 miles
  • GOrun Meb speed –  237.3 miles

GOrun 2

Having surpassed the 350 mile mark in the GOrun 2 which I primarily have used for longer / easy runs, the shoe continues to hold up strong. Typically with other shoes at this point in the mileage accumulation I would have experienced a need to replace the shoe soon. Outside of the normal wear and tear and stretching of the material there really isn’t much to worry about when it comes to this shoe at the moment. In the photo above you can see that the sole is still holding strong you can still see the original patterns of the bottom the the shoe.

Over the next week or so, I should start to take this shoe beyond the 400 mile mark where I anticipate to see the shoe continue to perform as it has been doing. With a 6 hour endurance run on my running schedule to take place on July 6, this may be the shoe I resort to or at least one of the shoes I resort to during most of the race.

GObionic Ride

 The GObionic Ride has finally joined the 200 mile club with it’s current total of 201.3 miles. Outside of the dirty exterior and appearance, the shoe continues to be as consistent as it has been since day 1. The feel and performance of the shoe is the exact same each and every time I slip them on. The lower mileage compared to the other two shoes in my current rotation are due to the specific use of the shoe with short recovery runs typically runs less than 6 miles.

The shape of the shoe continues to hold and the photo of the sole shoes the clear pattern of the sole with very little wear and flattening out. Keep in mind that even though this shoe has the least amount of mileage, most of the 201.3 miles of this shoe have been accumulated on pavement, so with that being said this shoe is a pretty tough shoe when it comes to it’s ability to “pound the pavement”.

GOrun Meb Speed

 Alas! I was able to take the GOrun Meb Speed onto a 26.2-mile journey. This past weekend, I ran the 2013 Wipro San Francisco Marathon, I knew that the shoe would perform well, but it was a matter of what exactly I could get out of the shoe. In the last month I have experienced the shoe providing me a lot of race day comfort and speed as it has helped me run my two fastest 13.1-mile times (a 1:27 & 1:28 within two weeks of one another). The marathon would also provide me with the longest run I have put in these shoes, so if there is a better way to test out a shoe that is to take to the paved roads with hills of San Francisco for 26.2.

Well the shoe performed great! It gave me the comfort that I need under my feet for each and every mile. With the shoe being a bit narrower than the GOrun 2 and the GObionic Ride, I was a little bit concerned if the I would feel it as my feet would be in the shoe pounding pavement for a longer distance than I have ever put in these shoe. However, none of that happened and my feet were comfortable throughout the entire journey! I PR’d in the marathon distance in San Francisco with the GOrun Meb Speed this past weekend crossing the finish line with an official time of 3:09:21, bettering my previous best of 3:11:54 which was set 13 weeks ago in a different shoe. Just to put things into perspective on how tough this course is and how a good shoe is important my previous 3 attempts in different shoes at the SF Marathon were completely far off of what I did this last weekend. My previous 3 attempts at the SF Marathon had times of 4:26:23 in 2010, 3:56:06 in 2011, and 3:53:26 2012. I can tell you right now that a combination of a change in training and having the proper shoe on my feet helped me better my time on this course by nearly 45 minutes.

How is your current training going? Have you raced lately? What shoe is your current go to shoe at the moment?

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