Fitness Friday: Destination Races

So in honor of my favorite marathons, The Wipro San Francisco Marathon, that is being ran this Sunday June 16, my fitness Friday topic is on destination races. How far are you willing to travel for a race? What makes something worth traveling for?

For me the San Francisco Marathon is always an awesome weekend, the expo is well organized, it is a city that I love to visit, the weather on race day is always amazing, the course is breathtaking, the support along the course is probably some of the best around. Oh and did I mention you get to cross the Golden Gate Bridge, not once but twice on an out and back. Along with the full marathon distance, the race offers 2 separate 13.1 mile distances, a 5k, various children’s races and for the ultra runners a double marathon.

So let’s hear it about your ideal destination race or one that you have already experienced.

6 thoughts on “Fitness Friday: Destination Races

  1. I am willing to travel all over the world if I can just muster up the finances. Thanks for the inspiration today.


  2. I am willing to travel. I believe if I am going to run a half marathon, I might as go somewhere to do it and add a few days. I live in South Carolina and have run in Philadelphia, Miami, San Diego, Washington DC and Orlando. I am already scheduled to run in Myrtle Beach and Puerto Rico this fall. Next year there will be more traveling.


  3. I've yet to travel for a race .. well.. unless you count going to VA Beach last year for a Half… since my Lil Man is 2 and financial issues.. most of my races are on the home front 🙂


  4. If I'm going to travel somewhere I will want to make sure that I can make a holiday out it and that were I'm going is family friendly, cause there is no way I wouldn't take my kids.
    So at this stage, I have to keep things pretty local (ideally no more than 3 hours away), so the kids don't get bored, but also it's a fund thing.
    The other thing is I would want to conquer some of the Australia runs, before I ventured oversea's, and I would love to run oversea's (like New York).


  5. I've always said that if you are going to put yourself through that much pain to train for a marathon or other endurance race you might as well get a trip out of it. The farthest I have traveled for a marathon is to Venice, Italy in 2009 for the Venice Marathon. In contrast tomorrow I am doing the Tour d'Italia bike rally in Italy, Texas. It will be much easier on the pocket book and I am expecting a LOT from the $5.00 all you can eat breakfast.


  6. I would REALLY love to do a marathon in San Francisco…and Alaska, and Hawaii..maybe Paris??


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