Skechers Shoe Review: all shoes lead to San Francisco

It’s taper week and all shoes lead to the Wipro San Francisco Marathon on June 16. Since mid March I have been training exclusively in 3 different shoes (GOrun 2, GObionic Ride, and GOrun Meb speed), that the friendly folks at Skechers have provided me with. I am confident that the rotation of shoes have created for the long life span of them as well as allowed them to perform at their peak, which results in me training at my peak. Currently the mileage for each shoe is as follows:

  • GOrun 2 – 334.1 miles
  • GObionic Ride – 199.3 miles
  • GOrun Meb speed – 207.8 miles

GOrun 2
The GOrun 2 continues to give me everything I need in a day to day training shoe, the comfort the support and most importantly the longevity that we as runners are always looking for in a shoe. Yes, the shoe is much dirtier than when I first started using it 334.1 miles ago, however even with all of the mileage I have put into the shoe at this point, the ability for the shoe to perform has not been effected.

 Visually there are only a couple of soft tears on the exterior that seem to have been caused due to some snagging. Which I can pretty much assure you that they came from one of my adventures off of the paved roads and through some brush that took me onto dirt and gravel trails. As I have mentioned before the shoe made as a road shoe, has performed well even through some rugged trails and even through some technical areas where they have protected my toes when I have kicked rocks.

There is a bit of flattening out on the sole of the shoe where it is clear I make most of my contact with the ground. With other shoes I have tried and used in the past as they start to get to this point, often times I can feel the thinning of the sole, however with the GOrun 2 I cannot tell that the sole is starting to break down even though when I look at the sole I can see that there is definitely some wear on the sole. 

GObionic Ride
The lowest shoe in the running mileage is still holding strong, with 199.3 miles collected in the shoe, it continues to perform just like it did at mile 1. I have continued to try to break the shoe down with some of my recovery runs but have yet to find anything wrong with the shoe outside of personal preference with the GOrun2 and the GOrun Meb Speed. The width of the GObionic Ride continues to keep shape as well as the sole.

A common theme with the 3 shoes I have been using in rotation is that they have probably the most consistent performance that I have ever found in a shoe company. From day 1 the shoe is exactly as is. There has not been a point to where I think, finally the shoe is broken in and it is ready to be used in a race or comfortable in training. 

GOrun Meb Speed
Since last Thursday, I have not logged any miles into this shoe, as I am keeping them off until race day weekend. I will be wearing them traveling to San Francisco and then, using them for a short shake out run on Saturday before taking the road for 26.2 miles on Sunday. The shoe is by far my favorite shoe and one that I will probably be sticking with for many years to come as long as the manufacturer does not change the design of the shoe which affects it’s feel and performance. Obviously colors change, but this shoe is perfect as is when it comes to running, training, and racing for all types of workouts and distances.

The only concern I have with the shoe is the slight tear that I have found and mentioned in my previous updated, which I think has to do with the light material towards the front of the shoe.

In case you have missed my previous Shoe Reviews up to this point here is a quick list of them in order from oldest to newest reviews:

As I mentioned this coming weekend is the Wipro San Francisco Marathon. Come by this weekend to the expo and check out a pair of Skechers. They will have a booth at the San Francisco Marathon expo on June 14 (12:00PM – 7:00PM) and June 15 (9:00AM – 5:00PM).  The expo will be held at the Concourse Exhibition Center located at 635 8th Street, San Francisco, CA. I am scheduled to be at the SF Marathon Expo on Friday (12:00PM-2:00PM) and Saturday (11:00AM-1:00PM) and can be found at the Tech Center during those times. Come by and say hello.

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