Fitness Friday: National Running Day, June 5

National Running Day is just around the corner. On June 5, runners across the nation will be hitting the streets, trails, and other various places to show the world their passion of running. National Running Day is always held on the first Wednesday in June for those keeping track. On the website you can find useful tips to running if you are a beginner, meet up groups that will be taking place throughout the nation, as well as be able to download a running day bib to wear on June 5.

For those of you in Sacramento, you can join Sacramento Running Association (SRA) to celebrate the day. The event is FREE! and will start at the University side of the Guy West Bridge. Come out and bring a friend. The group will be running a 5 mile loop around the Parkway … Get this they are even giving out SRA Technical T-Shirts for those who participate in the event. For more information about the local National Running Day event visit the SRA website at

How are you going to celebrate National Running Day?

10 thoughts on “Fitness Friday: National Running Day, June 5

  1. Thanks for the heads up, Chris! I'll definitely shift my tri training schedule around to get a run in on the 5th! Have a great weekend.


  2. Thanks for the reminder! I want to participate…it is not so popular in my area 🙂


  3. Thanks for the heads up! 🙂 Wednesday will be a running day this week! 🙂


  4. Wish I could:) I have a stupid lingering injury right now, but soon! Enjoy your run next week!


  5. maybe create a group on your own to celebrate the day?


  6. too bad you are injured. hopefully you get better soon.


  7. Wow I didn't even realize how quick that was coming up. I will be working that day, but the following weekend I am doing a V5K with momavation. I have done one other and it is a great time.

    Enjoy your run!


  8. oh I love checking out new blogs, thanks!!


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