Skechers Shoe Review: Keep me moving

More miles in the shoes I have been running in (GOrun 2, GObionic Ride, and GOrun Meb speed), that the friendly folks at Skechers have provided me with. As I go into the final phases of marathon training for my upcoming 26.2, I will begin to rely on these shoes to keep me moving as I toe the line. Currently the mileage for each shoe is as follows:

  • GOrun 2 –  283.3 miles
  • GObionic Ride –  173.7 miles
  • GOrun Meb speed – 158.2 miles

GOrun 2

The GOrun 2 continues to hold strong with 283.3 miles into hitting the pavement, trails, gravel, and everything else that the road has to offer in front of me. Even with some of the breaking down of the shoe in regards to the sole starting to show ware from training and racing, the shoe continues to perform consistently as if it were out of the box. The shoe continues to hold shape in regards to width, it is not showing any excessive stretching even with my wider foot since the shoe offers a naturally wider toe box.

With nearing the 300 mile mark in the shoe, I am excited to see how much I really can get out of the shoe moving forward. 

GObionic Ride

Though the GObionic Ride has not accumulated as much mileage as I would have liked at this point, due to my preferences in other of the Skechers shoes, it continues to hold strong and serve it’s purpose. As I previously mentioned in previous weeks, I typically keep this shoe for my recovery days because I do not hit varying terrain on those runs. As I move closer to the 200 mile mark with the shoe, it continues to keep shape and show minimal ware on the soles.

The shoe has not broken down and continues to perform consistently with each run I take them on.

GOrun Meb speed

As you can probably tell within the last few weeks, I have been able to accumulate some pretty good mileage on these shoes, having already tested them out in races and on a couple of long runs. This is clearly my favorite shoe out of the three pairs as I have already logged 158.2 miles on the shoe.

Outside of the small tear that I mentioned last week near the front end of the right shoe, there is nothing that has affected the performance of the shoe. This weekend I tested it out by taking the shoe on a couple longer runs on consecutive days. By doing this I am typically able to see how the shoe performs with consistency. Like our legs, shoes need some recovery time as well as the soles become compressed over the course of running. Within a 3 day period I logged 25 miles (14 miles followed by an 11 mile run), which all were on pavement. During the 11 mile run, I noticed that the shoes continued to perform well and provided my feet and legs with the comfort to complete these runs as needed.

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