Skechers Shoe Review: found my (shoe) groove

Another week passes by, which means it is another shoe review update on the three shoes I have been running in (GOrun 2, GObionic Ride, and GOrun Meb speed), that the friendly folks at Skechers have provided me with. This last week has allowed me to start to sort through the shoes and figure out which ones serve my needs as runner and the needs for various workouts. Currently the mileage for each shoe is as follows:

  • GOrun 2 –  267.2 miles
  • GObionic Ride – 163.4 miles
  • GOrun Meb speed – 121.1 miles

Clearly you can see which shoe had the largest jump from last week, this is an indication that the GOrun Meb speed is officially my favorite shoe for racing and doing anything that involves SPEED!

GOrun 2

In finding out which shoe is best for various runs, I have decided that the GOrun 2 is best for my long runs and various training runs. I think it can perform very well when it comes to racing as well, but from my own personal preferences after being introduced to the GOrun Meb Speed, the GOrun 2 is my number choice for training. Even with 267.2 miles into the shoe, it has clearly held together very well consider the extent of terrain that I take my training to and these shoes have shown their durability, stability and longevity up to this point.

The GOrun 2 has now officially showing more wear on the sole after breaking the 250 mile mark in the shoe. However, the shoe still continues to perform and hold it’s shape. Based on the ability to rotate amongst shoes for training, racing and everything else that training entails, I think the GOrun 2 might be able to continue to perform to about 500 miles. Only time can tell if it is a 500 mile shoe.

the sole starting to shoe a bit of wear

GObionic Ride

The GObionic continues to perform as I have expected after deciding that this shoe is my 3rd out of the group of 3 that I am currently using and doing product reviews on. Really the only reason that this shoe continues to be my least favorite is the hard sole feeling that I experience when using the shoe. Along with that feeling, it does not provide the versatility that the other shoes provide when I typically go on various terrains on any given training run. With the flex sole that the shoe offers, the tiny bits of gravel finding their way in and out of the areas has become more frequent.

Overall this is best for pavement only, which I have come to find out. I typically stick to these shoes when going around the neighborhood for easier runs and lower mileage days. On the bright side, the shoe still continues to hold strong from a cosmetic standpoint and functional standpoint. The sole is still in tact with only a few areas of flattening showing their ware. Otherwise the shoe is still as strong as it was from day one out of the box. With 163.4 miles into the shoe, I think this shoe might also have around 500 miles in them before it really starts to break down.

GOrun Meb speed

The GOrun Meb speed is OFFICIALLY my shoe of choice! After taking the shoe on two races in the past 2 weeks I have found this shoe to perform better than any shoe I have ran in. Even with the narrower toe box than the other 2 shoes in the trial, this shoe provides the width, comfort, durability, and weight anyone would need in a race shoe.

This past week I logged back to back long runs in these shoes and was comfortable all the way through. On Saturday I took the shoe out on a 19+ miler, which was my longest run in the shoe to date. The following day I took them out to my second half marathon race in the past two weeks at the Avenue of the Vines Half Marathon in Acampo, CA. The shoe lead me to another top 10 finish and second in my age group with a finishing time of 1:28:04.

post race awards
my shoes w/ wine prize

With breaking the 100 mile mark in the GOrun Meb speed the light weight shoe has been holding up and performing exactly as I need it to. The most noticeable thing about the shoe is that it does not hurt my feet on the width during and after long runs. This is key for me because in most other shoes, as I start to hit 18 miles or so in a single run, I begin to feel pressure on the sides of my feet.

 The only issue that has come up with the shoe is found in the following photo near the front right side of the right shoe. There is a slight tear in the material, but nothing that I am concerned with. I am not sure if it is a width issue or due to where there is a change in the material. I do not think it is currently a width issue because of the fact that my foot feels comfortable in the shoe, if it were feeling tight I would assume that it was a stretching of the shoe concern. I might have caught it onto some brush at some point causing the slight tear or it could just be a simple causality of running.

Overall the shoes have allowed me to perform better. Since wearing Skechers I have ran my best two times in the 10-mile distance and I have also ran my 2nd and 3rd fastest times in the half marathon distance. Keep this in mind, that none of these races I have “trained” for. All of them have been treated as training runs for a bigger race coming up soon. However, I do credit all three shoes with my performance because of the fact that they provide the comfort I need to continue training and running hard when times call for it. The comfort has given me consistency in my training and racing up to this point. I am excited to see how the shoes will take me to another level the more I train and race in them.

2 thoughts on “Skechers Shoe Review: found my (shoe) groove

  1. I have to say I think it's great that your favorite of the three is the GOrun Meb!! :0)


  2. They really are awesome and the fact that they are the same style that Meb wears … I am not going to question it:)


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