Skechers Shoe Review: breaking the shoe

Another Wednesday can only mean another shoe review update on the three shoes I have been running in (GOrun 2, GObionic Ride, and GOrun Meb speed), that the friendly folks at Skechers have provided me with. In the last week, I have really tried to break the shoe. I mean really take the shoes onto terrain that shoes should show some breakdown. As I continue to test each shoe, the only thing that keeps happening is the constant addition of mileage on each shoe. This last week I did come across an article, that explained how to get more out of your shoe. The rotation of the 3 shoes will probably allow me to more out of each shoe. Currently the mileage for each shoe is as follows:

  • GOrun 2 – 252.2 miles
  • GObionic Ride – 153.6 miles
  • GOrun Meb speed – 69.3 miles

GOrun 2
With each week of running, the GOrun 2 continues to add more and more mileage. Over the weekend I took the GOrun 2 to sweep the Gold Rush 100k in Sacramento.  The course was primarily single trail dirt pathways, along with the dirt during this time of year comes the increase of dry brush, fox tails and various stickers that com with the brush.

taking the shoe to the dirt at the Gold Rush 100k

After my 6+ hours of sweeping the final leg of the Gold Rush 100k, alas I finally was able to find a physical break in the shoe. Granted the shoe is not a trail shoe, it took over 250 miles of running to find a way of breaking the surface of the shoe. I found that with the dry brush didn’t exactly scratch the shoe, the pointed weeds and thorns through the trails were able to get stuck into the mesh material and even cause a small tear into the material.

a thorn stuck in the mesh
a tear in the material

The thorn is easily removed from the shoe. While the slight tear on the inside of the right shoe is just a cosmetic issue, the performance of the shoe has still not been noticeably affected. In fact, the shoe continue to hold strong from all angles. The width of the shoe is still holding shape, the sole is still in tact, while the shoe still provides the same amount of comfort as it did 250 miles ago.

GObionic Ride
The GObionic Ride continues to perform equally as well as when I originally took the shoe out of the box. After 150 miles in the shoe, there is one thing I do wish the should would provide for some breaking down in the sole. I have noticed that the shoe continues to have a harder feel to the shoe than that of the other two shoes I am running in. On a positive note, the shoe is exactly what you can expect out of the box.

The width of the shoe continues to hold strong, the surface has yet to have been scratched, and the sole is holding up strong. However, as I mentioned I do wish that the stability of this sole the shoe offers did breakdown a bit, but again perhaps this just isn’t the shoe that works for me. Even with my preference going to the GOrun 2 and the GOrun Meb speed, I will continue to use this shoe to see the mile longevity of the shoe.

GOrun Meb speed
This shoe continues to perform beyond my expectations. Outside of the first wear of the shoe, when I could feel the shoe to be a bit narrow compared to that of the GOrun 2 and the GObionic Ride, it really has become a very comfortable running shoe. With nearly 70 miles on the shoe, I have taken the shoe to some dirt and gravel to see if I can find a way to breakdown the light weight shoe with a soft feeling sole. Still nothing, I am sure if I were to take the shoe onto a more technical run, it might show some wear and tear.

When a shoe has about 70 miles onto it, typically it is considered to be broken in based on the comments by local retailers who I have spoken to. The GOrun Meb speed continues to provide all the highlighted characteristics the shoe is advertised to offer including it’s light weight feel and well structured sole. The only thing I have experienced that has changed since I first pulled the shoe out of the box is that the shoe even with it’s well maintained shape does have some give in regards to the tow box. The toe box area has widened to provide me for a true fit due to releasing some of the tightness of the laces as it was originally laced.

4 thoughts on “Skechers Shoe Review: breaking the shoe

  1. I have low arches and I have been running on the SR series for 2 years. I effing love them so much, went out and bought 10 pairs! I race on Mizuno and Saucony, but I do all my training on Skechers! I get well over 500 miles per pair, where the other brands I don't. And I also love to stupid GoRecovery shoes and look forward to wearing them after a long run. The GoRuns are also awesome, I just wish my foot mechanics liked the arch.


  2. The GOrecovery shoe is very comfortable too! I love them.


  3. Very cool! I bought the Go Run 2 at the SFM expo last year on a whim, although I haven't worn them that much. This makes me want to get back at them.


  4. They really are a comfortable shoe even to wear around, you should give them a go.


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