Skechers Shoe Review: more races & miles

With another week of running I am able to get more out of my shoes (GOrun 2, GObionic Ride, and GOrun Meb speed), that the friendly folks at Skechers have provided me with. As I start to hit some high mileage weeks moving forward into my next marathon on June 16 at the Wipro San Francisco Marathon, I will be able to see what these shoes really have in them in regards to longevity of the shoe. Currently the mileage for each shoe is as follows:

  • GOrun 2 – 205.2 miles
  • GObionic Ride – 145.5 miles
  • GOrun Meb speed – 48.5 miles

GOrun 2
The GOrun 2 is still the leading mileage shoe up to this point. As I continue to beat them up like any other shoe I have ever ran in, I continue to become more impressed with the shoe and how long they have lasted. As a road shoe that is designed for speed, it has withheld the abuse I have given it on the trails as well.

still holding shape

With 205.2 miles into the shoe, it is clearly broken in at this point. Even though the shoe still feels the same as when it came out of the box there is really only one notable difference with the shoe. The shoe is clearly “beat up” for them various routes I take the shoe out on. However, this beat up look has not affected the performance of the shoe. The shape of the shoe is still holding strong, along with the sole of the shoe still in tact. At this point, I did expect the shoe the start to widen up at the toe box area due to the fact that my wider feet have done that with other shoes in the past. Currently there is no sign of stretching of the shoe in that area.

soles still strong

GObionic Ride
With having tried multiple shoes by Skechers, the GObionic Ride is one that I am having the most trouble adjusting to when it comes to running comfort. The shoe performs perfectly fine and structurally is holding strong. However, there is is something a bit different when it comes to the sole of the shoe in comparison to the GOrun 2 and the GOrun Meb speed. The sole has a significantly harder feel to them as I start logging more mileage on the shoe.

a little dirty but nothing more

Though the GObionic Ride is a road shoe, it has become my temporary trail go to shoe. I have taken it on various trails around the Sacramento area, and this has proven to help me out since I am not an overly skilled trail runner, I still kick frequent rocks. However with the sturdy make of the shoe and the harder sole, it has saved my feet from various possible mishaps.

no sign of breaking down

I will still continue use this shoe on various road runs as well, though it has quickly dropped to third on my list of the three shoes that Skechers has provided me.

GOrun Meb speed

narrower than the GOrun 2 but just as comforable

Even with the lowest amount of mileage out of the three shoes I am reviewing, the GOrun Meb speed has quickly moved it’s way up on my favorite shoe EVER list. Even with the more snug fit of the shoe compared to the other shoes, it still provides comfort in my wider feet. Granted I did do a slight modification of the lacing of the shoe to allow the toe box to open up, it is still comfortable for my running and racing up to this point. 

a lite weight shoe with Dupont sole feature

I quickly took the shoe out for it’s first race this past weekend to see how the shoe felt after 10 miles, which was the longest run previously I had taken them out on. I quickly found out that the light weight shoe had a ton of benefits that a lot of other racing shoes had. Even before putting 60-70 miles on the shoe, the GOrun Meb speed already felt broken in and ready for race day. Most other shoes that I have ran in needed a break in phase. The shoe even with low mileage provided me comfort through my race as I finished the Parkway Half Marathon with a finishing time of 1:27:23, good enough to finish 10th overall and 2nd in my age group. This is the second Skechers shoe that has lead me to a top 10 finish in the last few weeks. Back on April 21, I finished 7th in the 10-mile distance at the Capital City Classic wearing the GOrun 2.

The beauty of this shoe just like the other Skechers shoes above is you will quickly find out how the shoe fits and performs right out of the box. I have noticed that the shoes do not change over the course of time, for me this is a positive thing. Each of the shoes do not need to be broken in as much as other shoes, however they do keep shape and continue to stay comfortable over the course of time wearing them on the roads. Pictured below is a GOrun 2 that has 205.2 miles in them and another pair that I recently provided still in the box.

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