Monthly Mileage: April

120 days into the year and the streak has kept moving along. Though, technically the streak has gone on since December 10, 2012. The month of April was my lowest total mileage for 2013, with 266.58 miles logged. April helped me complete a total yearly mileage count of 1,228.62 miles for 2013.


The reasons for low mileage compared to the previous 3 months, well nothing more than the fact that I did not incorporate any tempo workouts, intervals or set distances. In fact April was glorious with the whole just go out and run stage of the year. The month did include a couple of events which were vary enjoyable, I started off the month by pacing a friend for 23+ miles at the American River 50-mile Endurance Run. The day after pacing I set a PR in the Credit Union SACTOWN 10-mile Run. That PR was short lived when I beat that time at my second race of the month at the Capital City Classic 10-mile Run. One week after enjoying my second race of the month, I went out and ran my second marathon of 2013 by completing the 26.2-mile course at the Big Sur International Marathon.

SACTOWN 10-mile Run

Even with the low mileage the month was very enjoyable and memorable when it comes to running and enjoying the world around me.

A new 10-mile PR!

How was your April? Did you have some enjoyable runs to remember?

Big Sur International Marathon

2 thoughts on “Monthly Mileage: April

  1. You had a great month! Despite saying you had a low mileage month (which is high mileage to me!), I'm glad you were able to enjoy yourself! :0)


  2. Thank you Karen. How was your April?


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