Skechers Shoe Review: hello speed

Over the last 5 weeks I have been reviewing two shoes by Skechers. The two that have been discussed in detail at this point have been the GOrun 2 and the GObionic Ride. After returning from the Big Sur International Marathon, the friendly folks at Skechers sent me another pair of the GOrun 2 and a new shoe that I will be including in my “Skechers Shoe Review” series. That third shoe that will be included in my series is the GOrun Meb speed.
I have logged in a decent number of miles in the 3 shoes at this point. Currently the mileage for each shoe is as follows:
GOrun 2 – 186.5 miles
GObionic Ride – 126.8 miles
GOrun Meb speed – 15.2 miles
GOrun 2
As I mentioned, I just returned from the Big Sur International Marathon. For this 26.2-mile run I

opted to the GOrun2. The only reason I had opted to run in this shoe over any of the others is due to the fact that I happened to log the most miles in the shoe going into the marathon. Running the marathon with the 4:15 pace group (honoring Boston Marathon on 4/15), this provided me more time on my feet in the shoes. It actually gave me a good sense of the comfort level having to run in a shoe over one hour longer than it normally takes me to run a marathon.

Big Sur w/ 4:15 pacer to Honor Boston

This might have been the best test for me when seeing how these shoes really held up on 26.2-miles of pavement, which included some very challenging climbs and some helpful downhills portions. In my most recent marathon (LA Marathon), I wore a different brand of shoe. At around mile 20 or so, the outside parts of feet felt a little bit of an ache, nothing painful just not comfortable. With the GOrun 2, my feet felt fine and comfortable the entire time, in fact even after the marathon, I wasn’t in a hurry to get my shoes off to allow my feet to relax.  

GOrun 2 with Big Sur bling

This comfort with the shoe in a marathon I think is due to 2 parts. The first is the cushioned sole that the shoe provides, prevents me from getting my feet beat up over the course of a marathon. The second is the width that the GOrun 2 naturally provides. There is no squeezing of the feet while on the run. As I have mentioned in previous reviews, the shoe is comfortable as is even for someone like myself who typically requires a 2E in other brands.

GOrun 2 soles still in tact
With 186.5 miles already logged into the shoe, the GOrun 2 is only showing the typical wear of a shoe that has been taken through trails, gravel and on pavement. The comfort level of the shoe remains the same and the shape of the shoe is still holding up. Even with the lightweight material, there is nothing coming apart that I can physically feel or physically see.
still keeping shape
The new pair that was sent to me, I imagine will hold up and perform just as this pair has done for me. I will not include an additional report for this shoe. The only difference with the GOrun 2 they recently sent me is that it is a different color. 
GOrun 2 (new pair)
GObionic Ride 
Up to this point the GObionic Ride is holding up as I thought. 126.8 miles logged to date, I have kept most of the runs in this shoe fairly short, not for any specific reason. I did recently perform an interval workout in the shoe totaling for 10.5 miles, which did provide to see the comfort level with the varying paces that were run in the shoe. The shoe has kept shape and with the sole continuing to stay strong. 
the flex sole with bits of gravel
 The only issue that remains with this shoe is the split sole which has caused for bits of gravel to occasionally get stuck in the slits. The sole is flexible which typically does the job of removing the pieces of gravel that do get stuck in there, however every now and then I do have to give it a quick pick with a finger or hard step and like magic the gravel is removed. 
still holding strong
GOrun Meb speed
As I mentioned I was sent another pair of shoes to tryout from Skechers. The GOrun Meb speed out of the box test, gave me a sense of why it is labeled with “speed”. Immediately, I was able to feel the lightweight feel of the shoe. The website states that the size 9 men’s shoe weighs in at a weight of 7.5 oz. By holding the shoe, it is clear that this shoe was made with very light material. Not to mention that the color makes the shoe look fast even when it is in the box. Also noted from the information on the website is the that shoe is a 4mm drop. For those of you that know me, know that I will try to drop the shoe as close to 0 as possible. With this shoe, I did opt to keep the insole in the shoe, just to try it out and see if I could feel the difference. 
The first test of the shoe also includes trying the shoe on, the first thing I noticed in the shoe is that it had a more snug fit than the other two shoes I have been provided by Skechers. However, even with the more fitted feel, the shoe still felt comfortable even when I tied it. 
 After opening the box and checking out the shoe, I took them right to the road for a test run. As runners know, a shoe might look nice and feel great right out of the box, but it is a matter of how it performs that determines the quality of the shoe. My first run in the shoe was an easy 10.1 miler they day after 26.2-miles. Yes, I would test these shoes out right away to see the comfort level not just from the standpoint of my feet but how my legs would hold up as well. The only immediate thing during the run that I could feel is the tighter fit of the shoe. As I noticed when I first tried the shoe on was the it was a bit more snug. However, this snug feel only lasted for the first couple of miles. The shoe still felt snug, but I did not feel like it was inhibiting my ability to run in the shoe and affecting my performance.
The second run in the shoe happened today with a short 5 mile run on pavement. Between the first run and this morning’s run, I did modify the shoe, but changing out the laces from the red laces that came on the shoe to the lime green laces that were also included. This did allow me to modify the lacing technique providing for a little more width on the shoe towards the front. With the different lacing towards the front of the shoe, the snug feeling was removed right away and in fact I did not notice the shoe hugging up against my feet. 
I will be running in the GOrun Meb speed in their first event this weekend to see how they feel when I run more than 10 miles in them. 
After 2 runs in the shoe the GOrun Meb speed gets a two thumbs up. I will see how they perform in races before giving them a full evaluation on their performance. However from a fit stand point they are a little narrower than the GOrun 2 and the GObionic Ride, but they are still very comfortable for me.
if it is good enough for Meb it is good enough for me:)
As of right now I have already created a pecking order of preference between the 3 shoes I have been provided. On top of that list is the GOrun 2, followed by the GOrun Meb speed, and in third the GObionic Ride. This order may change as I put more miles in the GOrun Meb speed.

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