Fitness Friday: Timing? Sometimes

So in the recent weeks I have ran a couple of races. In fact, this Sunday, I will be toeing another line at the Big Sur International Marathon. However, these races are little different that races in the past. Typically most previous races had specific times or paces in mind. Call them goal times or prescribed running times, there was a specific timing purpose for the event.

Over the course of about the last 6 weeks or so, all timing goals has been put aside to allow for recovery from my last marathon in March. The same holds true for this weekend as I run my 13th 26.2-mile event. This weekend rather than making the trip to run a race, I am heading to Monterey and jumping in on an event! This weekend I will be doing something that I have never done during a race, that is run with a camera and take photos along the route. Really take a moment to take and and enjoy the course around me. Slowing myself down to a 4 hour 15 minute finishing time (yes, there is still a time in mind, this is to honor those affected in Boston which happened on 4/15).

Since my last marathon, I have ran two 10-mile races without a goal time in mind. In fact, these two races have been the best 10-mile races I have ever ran. My first 10-mile race in about 2 years lead me to a 66 minute finishing time at the Credit Union SacTown 10-mile Run, which was a PR. This PR would only stand for about two weeks where at the Capital City Classic 10-mile Run, I crossed the finish line in a time of 1 hour 5 minutes 42 seconds.

Jumping into a race without the timing goals has been great it has allowed me just to run and see what I might feel like doing that day. Honestly, I think it is pretty refreshing to just get out and run, but still get the racing fix by wearing a bib, toeing a line and crossing the finish. 

Do you ever jump into a race with no expectations? Ever run an event to actually stop and enjoy the event? 

4 thoughts on “Fitness Friday: Timing? Sometimes

  1. Awesome! Hope your race goes well for you!! Best of luck! :0) I do go into races without expectations sometimes. I find that if I put too much pressure on myself, I'm hindered more than I'm helped.


  2. I have been doing my races without expectations because I am getting back into shape…..your runs are amazing btw.


  3. I really like the fact that you wanted to run the marathon in 4:15 in respect for Boston, I think that's a great way to honor those that were injured or died.

    My last half (start of this month), I ran it with no expectations. Yes I got a new pb, but I just ran it, and had fun, and the pb was a bonus.

    Btw, thanks for posting on my blog.


  4. Yeah, yeah, I'm running my first marathon next week and I'd LOVE to have to “slow down” to record a 4:15. I'll be thrilled with a 4:30.

    Enjoy Big Sur, and I can't wait to see your photos from the run!


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