Skechers Shoe Review: More Racing & Miles

As each week passes in my Skechers, I continue to log more and more miles. With each mile and race that passes, each shoe continues to provide me with better runs tan before. To date,  I have logged 261.4 miles in Skechers. 145.1 miles have been ran wearing the GOrun 2 and the other 116.3 miles in the GObionic Ride.

GOrun 2

This past weekend I took my GOrun 2 for a spin in their first race at the Capital City Classic 10-mile run. The course was ran mostly on pavement, but also offered some dirt, gravel and a little bit of cobblestone. This race would continue to allow me to test the shoe on various terrain. To my surprise the GOrun 2 provided me a PR in the 10-mile distance, which was set just 2 weeks ago while running in the GObionic Ride. The course though more challenging seemed to move faster for me while in the GOrun 2. I think this is due to the comfort level of the cushioned sole that the shoe offers.

finishers medal & age group medal

The PR I set in the 10-mile time was a finishing time of 1:05:42. This finish was good enough to finish 7th overall in the race and finish 2nd in my age group. With this performance, I have opted to run in the GOrun 2 in this weekend’s Big Sur International Marathon. This will be my longest distance in the shoe, which clearly is broken in at this point.

As I continue to log mileage in the GOrun 2, one of the biggest things I have noticed at this point outside of the comfort is the continued shape and structure that the shoe keeps. In other shoes, I would have already began to shoe some wear towards the toe box. However with the wide toe box the shoe offers, there is minimal physical wear on the shoe as I run in them.

GObionic Ride
Though I have logged more miles in the GOrun 2, the GObionic Ride is still one that I enjoy running in as well. The GObionic Ride continues to provide the same comfortable fit as it has since day one of wearing them. Like the GOrun 2, the GObionic Ride has continued to keep it’s shape even with 116.3 miles on them to date.

I have recently kept this shoe on pavement to try to give them a good test and see what the sole has to offer even when staying on harder surfaces. Keeping it’s shape in the toe box area the sole continues to hold strong as well. As I move past the 100 mile mark, I am curious to see how the shoe holds up at miles 200, 300 and beyond. Based on the make and quality of the shoe at this point, I am certain that the GObionic shoe might last close to 400 miles, however only time can tell before they actually lose form.

sole still keeping up

2 thoughts on “Skechers Shoe Review: More Racing & Miles

  1. Thanks for the review! I haven't tried Sketchers yet…definitely something to look into! :0)


  2. I would definitely give them a try. Before I was introduced to them, I was a uncertain how they would fit and perform compared to other shoes I have worn in the past.


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