Skechers Shoe Review: 100 miles in

Before jumping right into everything with my blog post for today, I want to emphasize that today’s blog is to allow me personally to have a little normalcy in my day. With the recent tragedy in Boston just 2 days ago, I felt like I needed an outlet outside of my recent blog post, tweets and status updates. As a member of the running community with friends who were in Boston on April 15, my prayers and thoughts go out to everyone who was affected by the tragedy at the finish line area.

Over the course of the last three weeks I have been wearing and reviewing two Skechers running shoes. The 2 shoes are the GObionic Ride and the GOrun 2. At this point in my running in Skechers I have logged at least 100 miles in each shoe.


GObionic Ride
I have currently logged 105.2 miles in the GObionic Ride. The shoe is holding up very well. In other shoes I typically find some wear and tear in the soles due to the amount of mileage and various surfaces I run on. Even though they are not a trail shoe I did take the shoe out on a pretty technical 7 mile trail run last week.

While taking the shoes on various terrains I thought surely the shoe has to show some sort of breakdown, if not in the sole but at least somewhere along the top of the shoe where various movements occur when running in trails. Nothing! This is my typical running style where I jump onto various surfaces to get some hill training, some work descending as well as incorporating extra strength training outside of the basic speed work on the pavement. Outside of the collection of mud and dirt on the shoe, the shoe is not showing any sort of distress.

As I move into miles 200 and beyond I am curious to see how the shoe holds up through all of the running on various grounds.

GOrun 2 
With the GOrun 2 I have logged 100.2 miles. Since the previous review of the shoe. I have logged my second longest run in this shoe since getting them. Previously I logged a 23+ mile trail run in them where they held up well. The second run in the shoe was a 19.3-mile run. This long run was primarily on pavement with a few miles ran on tightly packed and flat dirt.

After logging 2 long miles with one on trail and other on pavement, I was certain that the GOrun 2 would show some clear stress on the sole, like the other shoe … NOTHING! I was certain with this shoe there was going to be some sort of visual breakdown of the shoe because of the fact that the shoe is a very light show, typically meaning that the cushioned sole might break down a bit faster than other shoes.

There is clearly nothing showing with this shoe. Other than the visual test, I cannot feel any effects of the 100 miles on the shoe. The GOrun 2 still feels as comfortable as when I first put the shoe on the first time. Even with the various terrains I have taken the shoe on, the comfort and structure that the shoe provides is still there. It is likely that I will be running in the Big Sur International Marathon in this shoe.

In case you did not see my Facebook Post or my Tweet, I want to inform you of an opportunity I have been provided to support those in Boston.
 With permission and approval of the Big Sur International Marathon folks, I will be officially running along side the 4:15 pace group with a sign “Big Sur Supports Boston” carrying the names of those tragically lost in Boston. Please join me in the running of this official group. The 4:15 group signifies the date of the running of Boston on 4/15. Please let me know if you will be joining this group. #BigSur415
If you are running Big Sur International Marathon, I hope that you will consider running with this group to help show our unity as runners for those in Boston. 

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