Run for Boston: 24 Hours After

It is hard to avoid the images of tragedy. I work thinking, did this really happen? Unfortunately, it really did. The horrific scenes of two explosions going off at the finish line of the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013. The scenes and sounds of what happened yesterday are tough to take in, look at and listen to in so many ways.

My first reaction to what happened, I related to as a runner. The question of “why would someone do this?”, came through my head. The heartbreaking news that someone actually targeted the most prestigious marathon events in the world. As a runner I know the amount of hard work that people put into becoming a Boston Qualifier. Granted I have yet to have qualified for Boston, it is my ultimate goal to start and cross that finish line that was attacked on April 15. The goal of getting to Boston has never been stronger than after seeing what happened yesterday.

As the day moved, the sadness also grew in people. For me perhaps one of the most devastating moments was hearing that one of the victims that lost their life was an 8 year old child. Being a dad, this really hit me hard. I would be lying to you if I say I didn’t break down into tears after hearing this news. Having just finished the Asics LA Marathon about 1 month ago, the images of making the final turn and seeing the finish played over and over in my head. Knowing that my wife and son were safe at the finish line. Seeing the grandstands similar to that in LA, it really hit home knowing that all those people were like my wife, son and others at LA waiting for their friends, family, and parents to cross the monumental finish line in Boston.

I cannot wait to run my next marathon which will take place in 12 days at the Big Sur International Marathon. This event will be more than just another marathon, it is already going to be a special weekend as my family will be celebrating my son’s first birthday during the marathon weekend in Monterey, CA. The 26.2-mile run that day will be dedicated to all of those in Boston. For me I think it will be a special yet very emotional weekend knowing what people have gone through in the city of Boston.

Being thousands of miles away from Boston, it is hard to jump out there and help. Today, I did what I could and dedicated my run to those in Boston. I ran 4.15 miles in honor the tragedy that happened on 4/15.

One thought on “Run for Boston: 24 Hours After

  1. Great idea, man. I was gonna do a 5K today, but I can go an extra 1.05.

    Good luck in Big Sur . . . my first ever marathon is coming up on May 5 in Newport Beach.


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