Boston Marathon: Immediate Reaction

Today is supposed to be a marathon that is celebrated on Patriots Day. The running of 26.2 miles that runners earned through hard work. Well the after the elite runners finished around the 4 hour 9 minute mark, tragedy occurred with 2 explosions at the finish line. Updates are circulating through social media and news networks. As of right now 2 innocent people have lost their lives and some 60+ people have been injured.

This tragedy hits me each time they show the finish line. Where the explosion occurred would be an area where my wife and family would be waiting for me to cross the finish line. It is hard to imagine being there right now with all that is going on. All that is going on hits so close to home because I have crossed a similar finish line 12 previous times. Though I have not crossed the finish line at Boston that has always been my goal.

Right now I feel like someone attacked my family. That is because someone has. They have attacked my running family. Runners and supporters I do not know personally, but you do not need to know people personally to recognize that this is a tragic moment for people there and family and friends waiting to hear from those in Boston.

If you are still trying to connect with your Boston runner Google has set up a person finder. .

My prayers go out to all people injured and affected by those that happened in Boston. If you need to get a message out please feel free to leave a comment or send me a tweet and it will be retweeted to all those that follow me. Tweet me at @chrismalenab.

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