Skechers Shoe Review: Racing & Pacing

In the last 2 weeks, since my first shoe review and wearing on Skechers I have logged 145.4 miles. 76.9 miles have been ran wearing the GOrun 2 and the other 68.5 miles in the GObionic Ride.

GOrun 2

portion of the AR50 course

This past weekend I was able to take my pair of GOrun 2 on a long run as I paced a running partner at the American River 50-Mile Endurance Run. I logged 23.4 miles in my GOrun 2 shoe. Not only did I take them out on a long run, but a majority of the route which I paced was single track trails. Through the course my feet and legs felt comfortable in the road shoe while running on trails.

GOrun 2 on trails.

While on the trails which started at Beals Point in Folsom and finished in Auburn, I ran over rocks, through some mud, smooth dirt, grass, and paved roads. I could not find one flaw with these shoes during the run. I even unintentionally kicked the front of my foot (shoe) into some hidden rocks along the trails. Not only did the shoe hold strong on the run, but it didn’t effect my foot at all. The shoe provided me good support and protection even thought the shoe is primarily a road shoe.

After helping my runner cross the finish line under his 9 hour goal, I thought surely with all of the various terrain that the course had to offer the shoe had to have some sort of tear, rip or indication of trails on them. Outside of the dirty sole and dirt covering areas in which I kicked into rocks and mud, the GOrun 2 had nothing to show that one would consider out of the norm (photos below taken after crossing the finish line at AR50).

With nearly 80 miles on the GOrun 2, I have entered the broken in phase of the shoe. Most runners say that a shoe is broken in around 70 miles on them. To be honest, I cannot tell the difference from my first run to my current run with the shoe. The construction of the shoe is clearly made to be comfortable right out of the box. Also the cushioned feeling that I mentioned in my first run review, really is unnoticeable at this point. The shoe still has a well kept sole, but I think from my standpoint it is normal and I have adjusted to the feeling of the cushioned sole.

GObionic Ride

first race in the GObionic Ride

The day after putting 23.4 miles in on the GOrun 2, I put my GObionic Rides to use in their first race. Credit Union SACTOWN 10-Mile Run. Going into the run I had less than 60 miles on the shoes, so I was a bit hesitant to see how they would do for me, especially with logging nearly 24 miles the day before. Nonetheless, I zip-tied the timing chip to the shoe and was ready to see what the GObionic Ride could do for me in a race.

post race photo

The race was run on all pavement roads, though I have ran on trails with the GObionic Ride, I was still concerned to see how the shoes would perform with some speed work. Since the LA Marathon, I have not worked any sort of speed work or tempo running. To my surprise the shoe performed exactly as I needed them to. Granted I have worn the shoes for a good amount, I felt comfortable with them on my feet, but like anything else there is always a bit of nerves kicking with the new item in a race. The shoe offered everything I needed for the 10-mile race, good support, flexibility in the shoe, and most importantly shoes laces that didn’t come untied during the event. I hit a PR in the 10-mile race distance that day in my GObionic Ride, finishing in a time of 66:00 minutes (~6:30/mile pace).

Like the GOrun 2, the GObionic feels the exact same as when I pulled them out of the box. Previous shoes I have worn for training and racing, changed over the course of time. I know at some point the shoe will change, but as of right now the shoe is comfortable as is.

GObionic Ride & race medal

Both shoes are holding strong at this point and over the next couple weeks I will have to decide which of the two shoes I will use at the Big Sur International Marathon.

One thought on “Skechers Shoe Review: Racing & Pacing

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