Race Review: Credit Union SACTOWN 10-Mile Run

A few months back when registration for the 3rd running of the Credit Union SACTOWN 10-Mile Run opened, I thought to myself, I have never ran this local event, so I might as well do it this year. So on Sunday April 7, it was my turn to run this 10-mile run. The event is managed by Sacramento Running Association, the same company that organizes the California International Marathon, so I knew that the event would be well organized and would be worth running … With the great weather I am glad I did. However, I will be honest, I was a little tired making my way to the start, my goal for the race, I really didn’t have any expectations since I just came off the Asics LA Marathon last month, I haven’t ran any intervals or tempo workouts for the last 3 weeks as part of my recovery and just one day before I ran 24 grueling miles as I paced a running partner through the back end of the American River 50-Mile Endurance Race that finished in Auburn, CA. 

Pre-Race Packet Pick-Up
I was unable to grab my goodie bag (which included a t-shirt, synch bag, and bib) during the packet pick-up on Saturday due to my pacing job, so I had to resort with grabbing my gear the morning of the race. I gave myself plenty of time to get myself situated by arriving to the event about an hour prior to gun time. As I pulled into the Downtown Sacramento area, the streets were already closed off to traffic, but with it being a Sunday the area around the state Capitol building was easy to find a parking spot and even better meter free (free parking on Sundays). After parking my car about 2 blocks from the start/finish area, I walked to the registration area on the west steps of the Capitol.

“Finish” Line

As I made my way to grab my running stuff I noticed that the area was very well organized, the “START” line was already set up and the “FINISH” line too was up and ready. Along with the running areas already put together there were clearly enough port-a-potties placed near and around the runner areas. Once I got to the packet pick-up area, I was provided my bib, technical shirt, bag, and timing chip pretty quickly.

race ready!

 During the pre-race time, there were a lot of hellos and chatter about the race that was going to take place today. The event drew some pretty elite runners, so the talks of Olympian Kim Conley heading the field popped up. Along with the possibility of 10 runners running sub 50 minutes with 5 of those runners possible going sub 47:00. 

With gun time approaching the 10-mile runners and relay runners made their way to the start line on N Street, just south of the Capitol building.

The Start and Finish area – Pre Run

The Race
As the elite runners toed the line, I opted to start a few yards back and off to the side as not to get in the way of this very fast field. Without knowing what to expect, I thought there is no point to try to jockey for position since I would try to figure my race plan out as I got 2-3 miles into the run.

The “gun” went off and runners were now on their way heading east on N Street, before making the first left on 20th Street. These downtown streets made for some fast starts, in fact even I got a bit caught up in the start where I ran a 6:24 first mile, not quite the let’s see how the legs feel pace I was hoping for. As the field started to open up and runners started to find their rhythm we soon approached McKinley Park for mile 3. Here more runners started to pack together as various paces started to become established.

As we hit mile 4 the first relay exchange area was visible, so there was a good crowd cheering on the 10-mile runners at this point. Once we curved onto Elvas Blvd, the course would approach it’s only challenge as there is a bit of a rolling roadway. Some runners started to fall during this climb, but with the conditions if you could get past Elvas then everything was fairly flat after that and you got a little tail wind to boot.

Mile 7 came shortly and another relay exchange area was to be found, where waiting runners gave some cheers and positive energy to the 10-mile runners. For a local runner, I knew that as we approached East Sacramento and Mid Town, for mile 8 and eventually downtown for 9 and 10, I could start to really get after this run. During this time I started looking at my watch and realized that this is faster than I thought I could run a 10-mile race and I might be able to PR in the distance. So I “hammered” it home running the last 2 miles with times of 6:20 and 6:19. With one final turn onto 10th Street, I crossed the finish line at an official time of 66:00.

After finishing runners were provided with a nice medal and a card that for me read “Sub 70”. This “Sub 70” card allowed me to get a “Sub 70” t-shirt.

the bling

Did you race this weekend? How did you do? If you ran long, how did that go?

One thought on “Race Review: Credit Union SACTOWN 10-Mile Run

  1. Amazing job! I can't wait for this one next year!


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