Fitness Friday: Doubles

Since the beginning of the year I have been hitting some pretty high mileage weeks. Now 3 weeks after the Asics LA Marathon, I have found my running groove back. Last week I logged just over 68 miles during my recover phase, this week my totals will be closer to 70 miles as well. One of the common questions I get is, “how do you have time to log in so many miles?” Simple, I break them up and run doubles during the week.

My typical double days are two smaller runs during this time of year. Typically I will run 4 to 5 miles in the morning then another 3-5 miles in the afternoon/evening. For me this allows me to get in the total mileage for the week I want to attain and not have to chunk out long durations of time to get these runs done. However, during my marathon training cycle, I will double up double digit runs during my workout week in order to hit the 85-100 miles of running per week.

I one point I dreaded doubles and in fact, really never thought I would put them in as part of my running and routine. Now I have fully embraced how great they are from a physical standpoint and a mental standpoint. Mentally the second run of the day allows me to clear my mind especially with the various stresses that come with the work day. The double also allows me to shake my legs out, getting rid of those heavy legs that tend to happen to me during the day.

This weekend I will be pacing a training partner who is running in the American River 50 Mile Endurance Run, from Sacramento to Auburn. I will be running him in during the final 24 miles of the race. This is going to be my longest run since the LA Marathon on March 17, and I am really looking forward to this opportunity to running long and on a mixture of trails and pavement.

Do you ever run doubles? Are you partaking in any running events this weekend? What are your weekending running plans?

4 thoughts on “Fitness Friday: Doubles

  1. In the past I've done doubles a couple of times a week. People don't realize that splitting the run's like that actually does help with endurance. Good luck on your 50 miler this weekend!


  2. Good luck pacing your friend. I did my long run yesterday. My 9 miler seems laughable compared to your distance. :). Completed a bike tour this morning and still contemplating tomorrow. Happy running!


  3. I've only run a double once and that was so my husband had a running partner. I've heard it is very helpful in preparing to push your body past fatigue. Hope you had fun pacing your friend!


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