Shoe Review: Skechers Update

Last week the friendly folks at Skechers sent me a couple pairs of shoes. I posted an Out of the Box Review and a First Run Post. Just to recap, the two shoes that I have been using are the Skechers GOrun 2 and the GObionic Ride. Since last weeks blog post I have logged nearly an even number of miles in each shoe. As of today I have logged 37.3 miles with the GOrun 2, while with the GObionic Ride I have logged 38.6 miles. With each shoe I have logged at least one long run of 12 miles or more. 

GObionic Ride

tongue stitched in place

In my initial out of the box review I failed to notice that the tongue of the shoe was stitched in place, which prevents it from shifting around while on the run. I noticed this when I was taking my shoes off and noticed that the tongue didn’t slide around when taking my foot out of the shoe. This is a key feature to me in that often times with other shoes I have used, the tongue moving around creates for discomfort and has forced me to stop to readjust my shoe before continuing on with my run.

Along with noticing the construction of the shoe in regards to the tongue, I was able to take the shoe on various terrains along the American River Parkway which is the most used running pathway for runners in the Sacramento Area. The American River Parkway, though mostly paved is also used by cyclist, so often times runners end up running on the shoulder or along top the levy which is mostly graveled roads. The GObionic Ride offers a ton of flexibility to the shoe, which I really like. With that flexibility comes a sole that broken up into sections. These sections are great in the sense that it makes me feel like I am in complete control of my movements with my feet. The downside to this type of shoe is that it creates for possible items to make their way into the areas that open and close as the foot moves. In my case a number of small rocks or bits of gravel got stuck in the sole, which I was able to feel at times. However after a few and quick intentional harder steps the bits of gravel came loose and they were not longer an issue.

the gravel between the flex sole
a little mud and water after 14 miles

Since my last review I was fortunate enough to also take the GObionic Ride on two 12 miles runs. The second long run I was able to take the shoe out on was during a rainy day here in Sacramento. I was curious to see how these shoes would feel when they got wet or even went through a couple of puddles and some mud. The shoes performed very well in the rainy conditions, I think this is due to the breathable material that allows water to escape the shoe with each step. Rather than collecting and becoming water logged through the run, the shoe seemed to stay the same weight during and after the run. 

So far the GObionic Ride is holding up. I am curious to see how this shoe will perform as it hit miles 100, 200 and 300.

GOrun 2

GOrun 2 tongue kept in place

One thing I noticed about the GOrun 2 is that, the more I use the shoe, the more it grows on me. I did have my reservations about the “cushioned” feeling that I mentioned in my previous review. The structure of the shoe is holding strong, though I have not been able to take the shoe out in the rain as of yet. Since my first run review, I also noticed another feature about the construction of the shoe. Like the GObionic Ride, the GOrun 2 also has the tongue stitched in place to limit the moving pieces of the shoe. This immediately is a key feature that I will always favor.

I have taken the GOrun 2 on one 12 mile run, which I found to be comfortable through the entire run. The single piece sole (with tiny nubs) is holding up very well. A shoe that is built as light as the GOrun 2, often concerns me with the quality of the sole. However, with 37.3 miles logged onto the shoe and having taken the shoe out on pavement, dirt, and gravel, the sole has not shown an signs of easy tearing. In fact the entire shoe is well constructed and seems to hold it’s shape very well at this point.

GOrun 2 sole holding strong

Between now and the next weekly review I will be taking one of these shoes on a 24+ mile run as I pace a local Sacramento runner at the American River 50 Mile Endurance race. With the various terrain along the course, I am favoring taking the GOrun 2 out, to give me a little more structure along the trails and still provide me some of the flexibility along the pavement especially on the final 3 miles of road to the finish.

Do you have an specific questions about the shoes I am trying out and previewing? I will be more than happy to make your question a part of my next review.

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