Monthly Mileage: March

March brought a number of highs to me this year and just one low. The only low that came out of March was my total mileage (272.58 miles) compared to that of January (331.00) and February (358.46). During the month I completed my 20th half marathon at The Lucky Run, in Davis CA. I also completed my 12th overall marathon, as I ran the Asics LA Marathon.

the final week of March

Though the mileage was low compared to that of the previous months, March did include a taper week leading into the Asics LA Marathon as well a recovery week after. Since the completion of the marathon, the rest of the month has been pretty simple, in fact my workouts are nearly non-existent from the standpoint that there really isn’t a prescribed workout. I am currently running just to run and keep a mileage base over the next few months, so NO TEMPO, NO INTERVALS, NO SPEED, NO SET LONG RUN! With this method, I should be able to still complete the Big Sur International Marathon in April and the Wipro San Francisco Marathon in June. Even with cutting out my prescribed workouts, I was able to finish the month of March off strong, running 68.89 miles in the final week.

From a racing standpoint, the Lucky Run allowed me not only to complete my 20th half marathon, but it allowed me to run along side one of my running club members as she PR’d in the half marathon distance. Being part of a PR in the sense of running along side that runner through the course as a pacer or a running pal is always enjoyable. As Mary PR’d in Davis, my PR came one week later at the Asics LA Marathon. Though my goal “A” goal was not met, I did PR with a finishing time of 3:11:54, bettering my previous time of 3:32:08. Running the LA Marathon also put me one step closer to one of my 2013 goals of running 5 marathons in a single calendar year.

The first 3 months of the year have been solid for me in regards to training and achieving new heights in my own personal running accomplishments. Perhaps the biggest thing to come out of this past March was the confidence I now have when it comes to taking on any certain workout or race.

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