From Average Joe to Marathoner: Anthony Bednarz

Ocean Drive Marathon Finisher!

Through the wonderful world of social media, I get to follow other runners and become part of their journey in running. I really enjoy reading about a runner’s first experience and journey to running their first 26.2 mile distance. This is another one of those cases. On March 24th, Anthony (@badnarz28) took on the Ocean Drive Marathon. The marathon is a point to point run from Cape May to Sea Isle in New Jersey. Before taking on his first marathon, Anthony had been running for about 3 years. When he first started he couldn’t even complete 2 laps on a track (less than 1/2 mile). During this journey to the finish line at the Ocean Drive Marathon, Anthony lost about 60 pounds. In more than 140 characters here is a little more to his story in running his first marathon.

Way did you want to run a marathon?
To prove to myself, I want to someday finish a 100 mile ultra so a marathon is as good a starting point as any.

How did you pick which marathon would be your first?
It’s flat and an area I know well

How many miles a week were you running / training?
I would say 30 was avg. 20 miles was my longest run

Did you run any 5k, 10k, half marathons prior to the marathon?
I have ran two 5ks, a 10 mile, and one half…no races during training though

When you decided to run the marathon what was the first thing you did?
I found a training plan and read other people’s accounts to try to learn from other people’s mistakes. I feel that besides not wearing sunblock I was properly trained and prepared.

What was the hardest thing about preparing for the marathon?
Tempo runs, I learned quick that I don’t like them.

Most enjoyable moment of the marathon?

What’s next any marathons already on the calendar?
Philadelphia Marathon in November… I want to train for an ultra near Labor Day, 35 miles.

What kept you motivated through the training?
Friends and family kept asking, so I knew I had to keep training and finish.

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