Fitness Friday: In Between

During the year, runners always come across that in between stage. The stage where they just finished up a target race, recovery has been completed and there are several months until the next training cycle kicks in for the next target race. This is where I am right now in my running phase. Though I do have 2 marathons coming up, with the Big Sur International Marathon in April and The Wirpo San Francisco Marathon in June, they are not my target races. My next target race isn’t until November, which means my next 18 week cycle will not start until mid July.

With all of the gains I worked for in my previous training cycle, I was concerned with how do I recovery, still continue to run, but not lose the gains I already made this far. I reached out to several runners who I consider elite in their craft. Some runners being local and others through the social media world. The biggest thing that these 4 runners shared with me was to take it easy, allow the body to recover from the hammering it took in the training cycle and on race day, at my last marathon. However, getting out there to run and enjoying it was still important. Keeping a base during this stage was also important, so getting various distances is going to be key. Even without “planned workouts” such as tempo runs, interval workouts, speed training, or long runs, it is still critical for being on the roads and have time on my feet. Recently I have been running anywhere from 4 to 11 miles just to get out and run, and none of these runs had pace as a concern.

During this time with the 2 marathons mentioned above, I will still be in “training” mode in the sense of making sure to get anywhere from 50-75 miles a week. The reality is that I do need to make sure I have the legs under me to take on these two courses that have a somewhat challenging course with their climbs. However, the difference between preparing for these two marathons in comparison to the last marathon I ran, is that there is no set time goal, rather it is just finish the 26.2 miles. My mentality for these two upcoming events is to treat them as glorified long runs with 20,000 people around me. In fact I am considering running both marathons without a watch or running the races with just distance visible on the data screen. The only reason I might run with the watch is because, everyone runner knows if you don’t record it on your Garmin, then the run didn’t happen right 🙂 .

upcoming events

Before running The Wipro San Francisco Marathon on June 16 I will also be participating in other races, but not to PR, but rather to just get out and run along side others and support local events. Along with the 2 marathons, I have a couple 10 mile races, and a couple half marathons on the calendar. Right now I have not put much thought into what kind of run I will make those or if I will try to push the pace. The purpose or goal for each of those events will be decided as that event approaches.

How do you deal with the in between time during your running / training schedule?

3 Comments on “Fitness Friday: In Between

  1. Looks like a great list of races to keep you going until your next training cycle. Just being around so many other runners at a race is exciting even if you aren't “racing” it.


  2. I have been in the same position between half marathon training. I have always just tried to maintain my base with a mix a varying runs until the next training cycle kicks in. I'm just always worried about losing the base I've built up!


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