Skechers Review: Out of the Box

GOrun 2 & GObionic ride

So today I was excited when the FedEx delivery truck pulled up and two shoe box size items were brought to my front door. Upon looking at the return label on the 2 boxes, I was able to confirm these items were from the friendly folks at Skechers. To make it clear Skechers has provided me with two running shoes for me to test out and provide feedback as part of a product review. The two shoes I will be using and reviewing are the Skechers GOrun 2 and the Skechers GObionic Ride.

I opened each box immediately and looked at the basic construction of each shoe. After taking ageneral look of the shoes I slipped each one on to see the fit. For both shoes I am using a size 10 men’s shoe. I typically wear a 9.5 2E in other shoes, but for width purposes Skechers sent me size 10s.

The total mileage of each shoe will be tracked using my Strava athlete profile. During this time of the year I will be logging between 60 – 75 miles a week with a couple marathons on the schedule that I will be treating as training runs. The 2 marathons during the spring and early summer will be Big Sur International Marathon in April and the Wipro San Francisco Marathon in June. By removing for routines and specific workouts during a marathon training cycle, I will be able to better focus on the quality of each shoe rather than having to focus on the pace, time, distance and splits of workouts.

Skechers GObionic Ride

This shoe happened to be the first shoe I opened and pulled out of the box so it is the first shoe I opted to give a look and try with. To give the best review I can for each shoe I looked at the printed material to have a point of comparison based on what the product claims or recommends and what I am actually able to feel. The print information on the inside of the box list the following technical information: the shoe is a 4mm drop, it is engineered to promote midfoot strike, while the size 9 version of the shoe weighs 7.5 oz. Along with the large print sticker on the box I flipped through the shoe tag manual (which by the way I typically ignore, cut off and throw away). As I moved through the little guide, I noticed that it mentioned by removing the insert it creates for a more minimal shoe. Reading this I immediately removed the insert to give me that feel. I like to consider myself a minimalist runner, since all of 2010 and 2011 I ran in Vibram Five Fingers before moving into the New Balance Minimus Zero Road shoe in all of 2012 and for my recent marathon on March 17 at the Asics LA Marathon.

custom fit information

Trying the shoe on the first thing I noticed was the wide toe box that the show offered. Having a fairly wide foot, this is key for any shoe that I wear. With the size 10 shoe I did notice a bit of a difference in length with the shoe, it seemed to runner a bit larger than other size 10 shoes that I have tried on. To prevent the slipping of the foot, I tweaked the shoe laces by using a heel slip tie after putting the shoe on to see how they fit.

heel slip lacing

With the shoes on I took them for a test drive. I went out and put 6 miles in the shoes after getting them about an hour after they were delivered. Since I am not in marathon training mode at the moment and running to just log miles, it allowed me to spend more time trying to figure how this shoe performed. I am not sure if I was able to feel the benefits of the “18 articulated bio-responsive cushioning zones”, but I was able to feel that shoe was very flexible. Even with the flexible make of the shoe, it still provided me with sufficient support. Keep in mind I did remove the insert to give me a more minimalist feel and did change the lacing of the shoe to prevent my foot from slipping.   

After the first 6 miles in this shoe I give it a thumbs up after going from a zero drop shoe to a 4 mm shoe. Online the Skechers GObionic Ride sells for $75 and comes in 4 different color combinations.

Skechers GOrun 2
Out of this box the shoe stood out for a couple of reasons the color combination of grey and green
really stood out to me, even though I am fan of brighter colors, this combination was a pretty nice and simple looking shoe. Giving the shoe a fair read, I also looked at the technical information provided in print of the inside of the shoe box. The GOrun 2 is also a 4mm drop shoe, is a lightweight shoe (6.6 oz for a Men’s size 9), engineered to promote a midfoot strike, traction control, and a progressive flex which transitions from stable platform to forefoot flexibility. This shoe also provides the information that by removing the insole will create for a more minimal fit. So like the other shoe, I also removed to insole before slipping the shoe on.  Along with this information is a photo Med Keflezighi who is perhaps one of the most famous American Marathoners.

After doing a general inspection of this shoe, I slipped the shoe on and noticed the wide toe box. Unlike the GObionic ride, the GOrun 2 had a more snug fit. The shoe didn’t feel as long from heal to toe while I had the shoe on. This shoe feel like a very comfortable fit with the size 10 shoe I was provided. I will probably not have to do any special lacing of the shoe lace to secure my foot into the shoe.

With the shoe on my foot, I left it at that and will go on my first run in these shoes tomorrow and give a first trial review of the shoe at that point. Online the Skechers GOrun 2 sells for $80 and comes in 9 different color combinations.

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