First Run Review: Skechers GOrun 2

GOrun 2 out of the box

Yesterday I received two different pairs of shoes, where I did a first out of the box review and firstrun for the Skechers GObionic ride. Today, I opted give the other shoe a first run. The shoe for today’s 6 mile run was the Skechers GOrun 2.

Before hitting the road for today’s run, I made one very minor change to the shoe. I changed the shoes laces to the additional neon green laces that are provided with the shoe. The shoe does come laced but with a grey set of laces. The color has nothing to do with performance but rather is strictly preference of brighter colors on the shoe. After lacing up the shoe, and slipping the double knot, like I do with all shoes I was ready to hit the road. Just a reminder as I mentioned in yesterday’s blog post, I removed the insole from the shoe as part of the “Custom Fit” feature to provide for a more minimalist fit.

insoles removed for “Custom Fit”

Within the first mile, the biggest thing I was able to notice was the cushion like feel with each step. There seemed to be a sense of padding that absorbed with each step. Honestly, it felt kind of weird through the first 2 miles or so. After I was able to become familiar with the cushioned feel of the shoe, another thing I did recognize was the structure of the shoe. The shoe right out of the box fits more like a 9.5 shoe like other brands, than a size 10 which I was provided. The GOrun 2 had a more fitted and structured feel to it not as flexible or free flowing as the GObionic ride which I took out on yesterday’s run.

After 6 miles, the shoe seemed like it could be something I might be able to log a decent amount of miles in, especially with the naturally wide toe box that it provides. Only time can tell with some of the other features that the shoe provides such as the “OrthoLite” which is an anti-microbial sockliner that wicks away moisture and helps inhibit odor, and the “agion” which is a scent protection built-in to combat odor. These two features will be something I will be keeping close attention to during the shoe test.

laced up and ready for the first run

Overall with the out of the box and the first run out of the way the Skechers GOrun 2 gets a thumbs up. Like the Skechers GObionic ride, I will be logging each run and total mileage of the shoe on my Strava Athlete Profile.

15 Comments on “First Run Review: Skechers GOrun 2

  1. While Go Run 2 and Go Bionic looked like something Usain Bolt would use, I kinda felt Skecher's 'minimnalist' theme went down the drain with these shoe lines in the design department. One look and you'd know they're no minimalist. Plus, the green design and feel really screamed Nike's Lunar Eclipse 3.

    Don't get me wrong. I'm a Skecher's fanboy (I even made a review of the original Go Run here), but I felt Skechers needs a little push for its shoes to be recognized as innovators. K, rant ends here. Nice review, btw.


  2. I bought these based on this review and loved them….What about the GoRunRide and Go RunRide Ulitmate…are these just newer versions of the GoRun2's?


  3. could I use the go run 2 supreme for running on the road training runs of 20 to 30 miles or more? And are the womens 11 and the mens 9and a half the same, especially width wise?(I have very narrow feet, and its hard to find something that stays narrow to that size).Should I go to the go run 2 for longer training/ racing distances?


  4. Yes you could use the supremes for 20-30 miles or more. I rotate between the Supremes and the GOrun 2s on my training runs including long runs.

    regarding the sizing this is from the folks at Skechers …

    All of the shoes have a wider toe box. The last is meant to fit more like a barefoot style letting your toes splay. The men's will definitely be wider than the women's. If the shoe fits through the instep it should be fine.


  5. Go Bionic Trail 14, perfect fit. Wear 15 in other shoes. Skechers only make to 14. I want skechers road running shoes. Are all their 14's from this last? Appreciate any help! BJ


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