Average Joe to Marathoner: @Chavez_Ravine

LA Marathon Expo

Back in January in a blog I posted for The San Francisco Marathon, I introduced a runner who I have been fortunate enough to become friends with through the Twitter world. The runner I introduced was @Chavez_Ravine. Well he makes his way back into one of my blog post as he transformed from “Average Joe to Marathoner” on March 17 at the Asics LA Marathon. Like other people in the Twitter Universe, their story cannot be told in 140 characters, so I like to reach out to these AWESOME individuals and ask them about their journey as they become a marathoner. Before he conquered the Asics LA Marathon, he never ran prior to his training.Through this experience he learned that running was something he became passionate about.

Patty (wife) Bella (Daughter) and Joey.

Way did you want to run a marathon?
@Chavez_Ravine: I brought it up to my boss at work that one of the things I wanted to do since I was losing so much weight was to run a marathon someday. Having ran nineteen marathons, he instructed me to leave the gym and start road running. So I followed his advice and started road running. 

How did you pick which marathon would be your first?
I’ve always loved LA and when I learned of the LA Marathon, I knew it was where I wanted to complete my first marathon.

How many miles a week were you running / training?

crossing the finish

I was running 40-50 miles per week with my highest being 63 miles in one week.

Did you run any 5k, 10k, half marathons prior to the marathon?
Yes, I ran the Buffalo Thunder 5k, the Hot Chocolate 15k, the Duke City Run 1/2 Marathon, and a Twitter Virtual Half.

When you decided to run the marathon what was the first thing you did? buy running shoes?
I purchased shoes and decided on a training plan with the help of Al.

What was the hardest thing about preparing for the marathon?
I would say running during the winter. Some runs that I remember the most was a -14degree ten mile run where my eyebrows, eyes, and mustache were all frozen, as well as running a personal best 10k. Because running in the slush is very motivating to get back to the car.

Most enjoyable moment of the marathon?
Definitely the people that come out to see everyone run, the Chinese drums, the Guatemalan man in a wheel chair with no legs powering up the hills and passing us later at mile 24 and finishing before us, and crossing the finish line.

What’s next any marathons already on the calendar?
Yes, the Wipro San Francisco Marathon and the St. George Marathon in October with local runs in between.

What kept you motivated through the training?
Just knowing damn well I’m going to finish these marathons if I keep training.

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