3 Things Thursday: recover, shoes, 1 down

1. Recovery Week. This week is dedicated to recovery. After last weekend’s Asics LA Marathon and the 14 weeks leading into, my body and mind need a little recovery before jumping back into high volume training. I am still continuing my run streak that started on December 10, 2012. However, unlike those weeks of training, this week is just about running. Each run is a non-prescribed workout, no pace, no time, and no set distance. I am just getting out and running. Along with the running I am using my Compex Fitness Trainer and Trigger Point Grid as much as I can this week to help with the recovery process.

2. Skechers. Over the course of the next few months I will be doing a shoe test for Skechers. My running group was contacted by Skechers to do a shoe test using the Go Run 2. After exchanging further emails and communicating with the friendly folks at Skechers, they have asked me to also do a shoe test Go Bionic Ride. So over the course of the next few months, I will be training and running in these two various shoes, and providing Skechers and those who are interested in following on my blog a product review of the products.

3. Marathons. With the Asics LA Marathon completed I am one marathon closer to accomplishing reaching my goals for 2013. Just before the start of 2013, I listed three goals. One of those goals was to run 5 marathons in 2013. I have 2 additional marathons that are coming up, with the Big Sur Marathon on April 28 and The Wipro San Francisco Marathon on June 16.

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